RT : Appalled graphic designer shows what the magazine cover should look like:
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10 days ago
Plotly Academy
🔥 Thrilled to announce my Magnum Opus is finally finished!

🎓 Learn how to build your first real world react app!
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18 days ago
D3 in Depth
I've started an online book D3 in Depth. Hopefully it'll help in understanding #d3js!
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27 days ago
RT : There appears to be an inverse correlation between experience and certainty
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27 days ago
Books Recommended on the Tim Ferriss Show
Fill up your reading list, with books recommended by guests on the Tim Ferriss Show podcast (and Tim himself!).
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4 weeks ago
Welcome to the new FortySeven Media | Blog | FortySeven Media
RT : “Sitting around trying not to screw something up is a dumb excuse for not doing anything.” New site is here!
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8 weeks ago
- A kickstarter for Node.js web applications
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9 weeks ago
Beautiful WYSIWYG HTML Editor | Rich Text Editor | Froala
Froala Editor — A beautiful modern WYSIWYG HTML text editor
html  editors  webdev  from:inoreader 
9 weeks ago
Civic — $1m free identity theft insurance, for life
identity  insurance  identitytheft  from:inoreader 
9 weeks ago
RT : Great write-up on an Advantage Cherry MX Blue conversion. If you want us to build an Advantage2 with Blues, RETWEET.
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10 weeks ago
RT @MerryOscar: Create #Alexa Skills in 5 minutes with Flask-Ask: A New Python Framework for the Alexa Skills Kit by @johnwheeler_
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12 weeks ago
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