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Configuring Access to Systems Manager - AWS Systems Manager
To be able to use AWS SSM service on EC2 instances (which allows one to run shell scripts by having AWS invoke script execution directly) you need to configure the users invoking the ssm service directly with the right policies and configure the EC2 instances with the proper roles.
aws  documentation  guide  reference  ssm  systems  manager  prerequisite  toread  tolearn  tounderstand  configuration  policy  policies  roles  ec2  iam  users 
july 2018 by racl101
Installation — Vue.js
Really important sections explaining all types of NPM VueJS 2 builds that one could include with a software like Webpack.

In short, if you include the vue.esm.js version you'll need es2015 preset. You can't just include it standalone.
vuejs  vue2  installation  documentation  guide  reference  different  builds  npm  package  manager  es2015  commonjs  explanation  webpack  toread  tolearn  tounderstand 
april 2018 by racl101
php - Laravel 5.3 Password Broker Customization - Stack Overflow
This is a good guide to give you an idea of how to fully customize the password broker down to the behavior of how and when emails are sent and with what info. It worked for Laravel 5.4 with slightly looking bit of code. See the comments of the winning response.
stackoverflow  howto  override  laravel  laravel5  laravel5.4  laravel5.3  password  broker  reset  service  provider  custom  manager  fix  example  guide  reference 
june 2017 by racl101
How to remove Ruby from Ubuntu - Stack Overflow
In this example, Ruby is being uninstalled, in a Vagrant virtual box that has a lot of apps already installed. Not knowing Ruby very well, sometimes it’s hard to know if the version of Ruby installed is compiled or installed from a package manager. This example shows how to trace back an executable program in /usr/bin and resolve it back to package so that we can uninstall it using package manager and make sure we’re doing it the right way. The example is specific but it applies generally to a lot of Ubuntu software.
uninstall  Ruby  executable  binary  Stackoverflow  apt-get  symlink  manager  Package  Howto  example  Remove  dpkg 
august 2016 by racl101
RVM - DreamHost
Tutorial showing how to install any version of Rails you wish using RVM on Dreamhost
dreamhost  Wiki  rvm  Rails  version  manager  Howto  install  Guide  Reference  Documentation  Tutorial 
september 2015 by racl101
How to Enable RVM - DreamHost
Tutorial demonstrating how to enable RVM on Dreamhost. It appears, however, that it must be on a private server running Ubuntu to enable RVM in the DreamHost panel
Wiki  dreamhost  rvm  rubyonrails  Ruby  Rails  version  manager  Guide  ReferencE  documetation  Tutorial  Howto 
september 2015 by racl101
BOWER: A package manager for the web
Bootstrap recommends this. Still haven't tried it.
bower  Web  nodejs  Package  manager 
september 2013 by racl101

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