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Ansible Jinja Warrior - Mastering "Loop Variable Scope" | Arctiq Inc.
Great, useful tutorial showing how to use Jinja2 templating system (with control flow statements and conditionals) in tandem with Ansible and its ability to include external, local YAML files containing variable data so that it can be used in Jinja2 templates. Very powerful stuff.
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july 2018 by racl101
Accessing the index in Python 'for' loops - Stack Overflow
In short, in Python 2.7 there appears to be no for(i=0; i<= some_number; i++) type of construct (i.e. for loop with index) so this is the alternative.
stackoverflow  python  python2.7  for  loop  with  index  alternative  workaround  example  howto  guide  reference 
april 2018 by racl101
GUI for ubuntu Server - Ubuntu Forums
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop was a useful command for me to install a GUI on my Ubuntu 9.10 Server
ubuntu  gui  server  linux  for  forums  installation 
april 2010 by racl101

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