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Laravel 5.5 VueJs 2.0 CRUD Operations Application - iTech Empires
Really nice and fairly easy to understand tutorial demonstrating how to do an entire CRUD page demonstrating how to do a listing, create form page, update form page and delete functionality.
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may 2018 by racl101
How To Setup Ruby on Rails with Postgres | DigitalOcean
The good part about this tutorial is that it shows you how to set up a simple CRUD form via scaffolding to test that your installation of Postgres worked.
example  Blog  setup  Howto  postgres  Tutorial  Guide  postgresql  ReferencE  digitalocean  crud  Rails  rubyonrails  scaffolding  Ubuntu 
august 2016 by racl101
Creating a CRUD App in Minutes with Angular's $resource
Really good tutorial showing how to build CRUD pages on an AngularJS app that gets data from an API on a server and how to use $resource service provider to do this. Introduces $resource really well.
Angularjs  Serviceprovider  APi  Tutorial  ReferencE  Blog  Howto  $resource  Guide  sitepoint  example  crud 
june 2016 by racl101

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