permissions - How do I check if a directory is writeable in PHP? - Stack Overflow
tags: stackoverflow howto check directory file is writeable writable php example guide reference
18 hours ago
Finding out what user Apache is running as? - Server Fault
tags: serverfault stackexchange howto find out user apache server running process example guide reference linux unix
18 hours ago
changing hostname | aws ubuntu 16.04 | build business websites
tags: blog tutorial totry amazon aws server instance howto change hostname guide reference
18 hours ago
How to Install Multiple Versions of PHP on Ubuntu 16.04/17.10 | LinuxBabe
Really good tutorial.

tags: blog tutorial howto install multiple php versions ubuntu ubuntu16.04 example guide reference toread tolearn totunderstand totry nginx apache
18 hours ago
apt - Installing PHP 5.6 on Xenial (16.04) - Ask Ubuntu
stackexchange askubuntu howto install multiple php versions ubuntu ubuntu16.04 example guide reference toread tolearn totunderstand totry
18 hours ago
Check available version of a package in Ubuntu repositories
tags: blog tutorial toread howto check version package available ubuntu repositories tolearn tounderstand linux server
18 hours ago
url rewriting - activecollab 5 nginx url rewrite not working - Stack Overflow
tags: stackoverflow howto troubleshoot activecollab installation nginx url rewrite issue fix guide reference server
18 hours ago
How to Install Invoice Ninja on Ubuntu 16.04
tags: blog tutorial howto install invoice ninja ubuntu ubuntu16.04 guide reference php7 php-fpm nginx toread tolearn tunderstand totry
18 hours ago
Another instance of Certbot is already running. · Issue #5200 · certbot/certbot
tags: github forum letsencrypt howto troubleshoot certbot process unix linux fix guide reference
18 hours ago
linux - How to kill a process which can't be killed without rebooting? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
tags: unix.stackexchange stackexchange howto kill zombie process linux unix example guide reference kill command commandline
18 hours ago
nginx - How does try_files work? - Server Fault
Need to really understand this. Additional note. Additional note.

tags: serverfault stackexchange try_files directive server nginx explanation toread tolearn tounderstand guide reference
19 hours ago
php - Redirect to external URL with return in laravel - Stack Overflow
tags: stackoverflow laravel laravel5 howto redirect external url example guide reference
19 hours ago
[Bash] Invoice Ninja Automatic Update Script v4.6.3 - Pastebin.com
Before using on Ubuntu 16.04, make sure to install unzip command on your machine.
pastebin  invoiceninja  automatic  update  script  bash  shell 
6 days ago
Install Invoice Ninja on a Debian 7 VPS – RoseHosting Blog
Talks about how to install and configure Invoice Ninja on Nginx (albeit on Debian 7, but still fairly applicable to Ubuntu 16.04
blog  tutorial  howto  install  invoiceninja  nginx  server  debian  guide  reference  configure  example 
6 days ago
Error: duplicate listen options for [::]:443 · Issue #5550 · certbot/certbot
This happened to me when I tried to create an SSL certificate for two virtual hosted sites that share the same top level domain but have different subdomains and their www versions.

E.g. site1.myawesomesite.com and site2.myawesomesite.com (and their www versions www.site1.myawesomesite.com and www.site2.myawesomesite.com )


change listen [::]:443 ssl ipv6only=on; to listen [::]:443;
github  forum  letsencrypt  ssl  certificate  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  howto  troubleshoot  fix  duplicate  listen  options  error  virtualhost  example  guide  reference 
7 days ago
Hanami | The web, with simplicity
Apparently, this is an alternative Ruby web framework. An alternative to Ruby on Rails.
hanimi  ruby  web  framework  alternative  ror  rubyonrails  totry  Tolearn 
9 days ago
Introduction · Beginning iOS 11 Programming with Swift (Sample)
Really great set of tutorials from App Coda. It discusses Auto Layout and Stack Views with very detailed examples, high quality image diagrams and downloadable code examples and best of all, up-to-date Xcode and Swift versions (i.e. as of Feb 2018 this is: Xcode 9, iOS 11 and Swift 4 )
appcoda  tutorials  ebook  swift  swift4  ios  development  xcode  xcode9  ios11  guide  reference  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand 
9 days ago
xcode - requires a development team. Select a development team in the project editor.Code signing is required for product type 'Application' in SDK 'iOS 10.0' - Stack Overflow
When doing free provisioning (i.e. testing your app on your iOS device) without having an Apple Developer program membership make sure to not use someone else's bundle identifier (i.e. especially if that identifier is already registered in the App Store) but rather use your own (assuming you've never joined the Apple Developer program).
stackoverflow  howto  configure  xcode  ios  development  team  bundle  identifier  example  guide  reference  code  signing  free  provisioning  apple  developer  program 
9 days ago
PHP: array_reduce - Manual
This function is useful in situations where you need to deal with arrays of associative arrays with numeric keys and you want to merge them into one while preserving the numeric keys.

Like so, for example:

$arr1 = [ [ 1 => 'foo'], [3 => 'bar'], [7 => 'yo'], ..., [101 => 'dogg'] ];
$result = array_reduce($arr1, function ($carry, $item) { return $carry + $item; }, []);

This returns: [ 1 => 'foo', 3 => 'bar' .... 101 => 'dogg'];
php  manual  guide  reference  documentation  array_reduce  array  reduce  function  merging  tutorial  toread  tolearn  tounderstand 
14 days ago
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