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FAN HO, Hong Kong Master Street Photographer #1
Fan Ho specializes in mesmerizing vertical images. A feast for the eyes.
journalism  photo  leica  cmm 
august 2018 by raafi
Chester Higgins | Photography Portfolio
Online portfolio of master photographer Chester Higgins, Jr. His practice is often concerned with capturing what is not able to be photographed - the spirit. Paraphrasing an interview of his, his argument is that In moving from life in multiple dimensions, as we experience it, to the two-dimensional plane of photography a lot is lost. Attempting to capture this additional information helps give the photographs more depth. I was lucky enough to meet Higgins recently and in parting he said, "keep one with the light."
portfolio  photo  photographer  cmm  inspiration 
august 2018 by raafi
The Kid Should See This
Bills itself as posting "smart videos for curious minds of all ages." One of those sites I wish I visited every day.
education  science  video  cmm 
august 2018 by raafi
America, Looking in — JBF
Photo project 'America" by @jmsbfz - dope -
portfolio  photo  cmm 
june 2018 by raafi
site of Rumsey Taylor, art director and designer known for some of NYTimes.com most adventurous articles, and creator of The Completist
design  inspiration  cmm  portfolio 
february 2018 by raafi
The Completist
essays on films, beautifully designed and laid out.
film  design  culture  cmm 
february 2018 by raafi
Display Prep Demo
Yedlin's side-by-side test of Alexa vs 35mm film is brilliant
cameras  cmm 
january 2018 by raafi
David Uzochukwu - Personal
18-year-old photographer, already shooting for Nike. Sick images.
photography  inspiration  fashion  cmm 
march 2017 by raafi
RUKI Product Planner
well-designed site to help visualize the expenses in product design
business  design  inspiration  cmm 
november 2016 by raafi
User experience design and development | MING Labs
I've come across an incredibly well designed and fun UX portfolio website and you should visit: MING labs
design  ux  inspiration  portfolio  cmm 
august 2016 by raafi
EOS-1D X Mark II X Mo Ming 4K 示範短片 - YouTube
Canon EOS-1D X Mark II demo video, slick visuals
video  motorcycle  canon  cmm 
may 2016 by raafi
A. T. Pratt
Portfolio of the artist who draws great chalkboard art at the AMC Loews theater on 34th st.
illustration  chalk  cmm  portfolio 
january 2016 by raafi
[no title]
portfolio of art director and designer Sergio Vidal
portfolio  cmm  design 
december 2015 by raafi
L'Entre-Deux by FASHIZBLACK.com
tagline: Magazine Afropolitain haut-de-gamme / High-End Afropolitan magazine. MODE. BEAUTE. FASHION. BEAUTY. CULTURE. LIFESTYLE.

translation: fashion blog that focuses on black people. nice layout
fashion  blogs  style  design  cmm 
december 2015 by raafi
Atif Ateeq
director/shooter who works with a bunch of fashion brands shooting BTS and creative footage
cmm  video  film  portfolio 
november 2015 by raafi
mert & marcus
image search of fashion photographer duo with excellent control of colors
cmm  fashion  photo 
november 2015 by raafi
photo portfolio by Chris Wilson, who is also an architect
photo  portfolio  cmm 
june 2015 by raafi
Andréanne Lupien "Crazy Cat Lovers" | MASHKULTURE
"Crazy Cat Lovers" - photos by Adréanne Lupien
photo  cmm 
april 2015 by raafi
Vargas, Baby! | Movie Poster Museum
Alberto Vargas, the greatest pin-up girl artist of all-time:
movies  cmm  illustration 
november 2014 by raafi
Ja Tecson
bright, filled with energy
photographer  portfolio  cmm  ledunk 
february 2014 by raafi
[no title]
Kristen Luce had a beautiful photo in the Times today. Turns out her portfolio is just as good. Need a coffee break?
photographer  portfolio  cmm 
january 2014 by raafi
147 Colors | CSS Color Names
site with all of the CSS colornames in full-page or grid fashion.
css  webdev  design  cmm 
december 2013 by raafi
New York Highlanders Logos - American League (AL) - Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Page - SportsLogos.Net
NY logo of the New York Highlanders, predecessor to the Yankees. Also the NY that 40 Oz. Van caps use.
baseball  typography  cmm 
july 2013 by raafi
Flickr: vieilles_annonces' Photostream
Flickr user who's scanned tons of old Ebony and Jet magazines as well as other non-black publications.
flickr  history  cmm 
may 2013 by raafi
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