Jonathan Franzen Is Fine With All of It - The New York Times
But his answer was no. No. No, you absolutely don’t. You can miss a
meme, and nothing really changes. You can be called fragile, and you
will live. “I’m pretty much the opposite of fragile. I don’t need
internet engagement to make me vulnerable. Real writing makes me —
makes anyone doing it — vulnerable.”

People can think something about you that isn’t true, and it isn’t
necessarily your job to correct them. And if you do correct them, the
corrections will eat up your entire life, and then where is your life?
What did you do? You don’t have to answer criticism of yourself. You
don’t even have to listen to it. You don’t have to fit your thoughts
into sound bites just because of character limitations.

Has anyone considered that the interaction is the fragility? Has
anyone considered that letting other people define how you fill your
day and what they fill your head with — a passive, postmodern stream
of other people’s thoughts — is the fragility?
19 days ago
Life Is a Braid in Spacetime - Issue 29: Scaling - Nautilus
Some people find it emotionally displeasing to think of themselves as a collection of particles. I got a good laugh back in my 20s when my friend Emil addressed my friend Mats as an “atomhög,” Swedish for “atom heap,” in an attempt to insult him. However, if someone says “I can’t believe I’m just a heap of atoms!’’ I object to the use of the word “just”: the elaborate spacetime braid that corresponds to their mind is hands down the most beautifully complex type of pattern we’ve ever encountered in our universe. The world’s fastest computer, the Grand Canyon or even the Sun—their spacetime patterns are all simple in comparison.
philosophy  physics  spacetime 
19 days ago
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