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Ordering pineapple germplasm from USDA
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december 2018 by qurasiya
how to grow Colocasia esculenta? tips?
I live in a NYC beach area have been growing EEs in large containers for the past 6-7 years - I love 'em. I use very large heavy plastic tubs (approx 36" diameter/24" deep) - the ones with 2 rope handles that are sold for multi-purpose use/storage; I sawed 2-3 large holes in side/bottom and line with landscape fabric. I always plant directly outside, 3-4 tubers per container. I always plant too early.....,have to wait until June until they start poking through the soil. I use MG potting soil and plant in partial shade. I found that the trick is to water heavily (I lay the hose in each container daily for about 3-5 minutes) and fertilize weekly. I've been successful each year and the plants usually last into October. During the growing season, don't be afraid to cut off any stems that shrivel and/or leaves that turn brown - whack 'em off at the base.....by late summer, each container averages 50-60 stems, most with 30+" leaves. Enjoy and good luck this year.
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march 2017 by qurasiya
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