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True colors
Au/OOC the night after the ministry Voldemort gone Harry learns he has been used by Albus and his so called friends. He makes new friends who teach him not to get angry, to get even. warn slash ment. child abuse HP/SS
HP  Harry/Snape  a:SnapeRulesMaraudersDrool  50-55k  h/c  family  Complete 
january 2015 by quiltedlives
AU/OOC Voldemort was defeated in the graveyard. Sirius is a free man, and he and Remus are ready to take Harry home. But Albus shocks them with the arrival of a surprise couple. A heated custody dispute ensues, will Harry ever be the same. warn slash/mprg
HP  h/c  family  Dumble-bashing  40-45k  WIP  a:SnapeRulesMaraudersDrool 
january 2015 by quiltedlives

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