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The Sun Child
Harry's twin brother is the boy who lived. Matt has the scar he was in Lilly's arms after the attack. His scar was infused with light magic. Why is it then that Harry has all the power and is always saving the day, revised.
HP  adventure  twin  a:lemonpotato  95-100k 
february 2017 by quiltedlives
Harry Potter and the Freedom of Flight
At 11, Harry Potter is about to be set free. Neglected and weakened by his relatives, once his parents' old crew have him, they are not going to let him go back. Strongly AU, Sci-Fi, Mentor!Snape,
HP  a:MountainRose  Sci-Fi  Severitis  h/c  95-100k 
november 2015 by quiltedlives
Blood Matters
When Dark Secrets come to Light, Harry is forced to re-examine everything he thought previously and learns that blood does matter. Warning for Dumbledore, Molly. Ginny, Hermione and Ron bashing . Warnings: Slash, extreme AU and OCCness Features sick!Harry in the beginning!
HP  family  dark:Harry  Dumble-bashing  Molly-bashing  Ginny-bashing  Hermione-bashing  Ron-bashing  AU  OOC  95-100k  a:BloodyRedQueen 
june 2015 by quiltedlives
No Thanks
Complete. Harry makes a decision at the train platform at the end of year 5. Two little words change lives forever.
HP  Harry/Hermione  romance  angst  95-100k  Complete  a:old-crow 
april 2015 by quiltedlives
Keeping Appearances
Harry walks the halls of Hogwarts seriously injured and is confronted by the Slytherins. They take him to Snape, who uses Legilimency to make a startling discovery. Is Dumbledore really who he says he is? Is Harry really on the right side of the war? Goodish!Voldemort, No Slash, Powerful Harry, Mentor Snape, Good Malfoys, super bad Dumbles, very abused Harry, AU Goblet of Fire
HP  h/c  family  guardian!Snape  bad!Dumbledore  abuse  a:TheEscapeFromReality  Complete  95-100k  Severitis 
january 2014 by quiltedlives

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