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Serpent Tattoo by: alliekatgal
Harry finally confronts Severus with his wish to know the real Severus Snape. As their relationship progresses, they discover that Harry has a unique connection to the elemental forces of the earth.
HP  Harry/Snape  Ron-bashing  a:alliekatgal  Complete  35-40k 
april 2016 by quiltedlives
Vindiciae Nuptia
AR-After destroying Voldemort, Harry discovers a plot to keep him under the control of the Ministry. What can be done and how can Bill Weasley help?
HP  Harry/BillW  mpreg  35-40k  romance  h/c  a:marksmom  Complete 
february 2016 by quiltedlives
My Precious Mate
Harry is dying, Hedwig flees trying to find some help. Eventually Severus realizes Harry is his mate, turns him and trains him and his friends for the war in his manor. They come back stronger than ever to finish it once and for all.
HP  Harry/Snape  vampire  35-40k  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  Complete 
august 2015 by quiltedlives
Orphaned Potter
Harry is Orphaned thanks to Lily Evans, who isnt all she seems. His brother is thought the boy who lived and no one cares about little Harry just Micheal Potter. Eventually he is adopted! but by who? when the Potters find out will they want him back?
HP  Severitis  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  35-40k  Complete 
september 2014 by quiltedlives
The Broken Child
All that he had known was abuse and slander. He believed himself to be worthless and a nuisance. How do you fix a broken child, that doesn't believe he is worth the help? Re-continued. Mentor/Father!Snape. Mentions of Abuse!
HP  Severitis  angst  h/c  family  a:lanoirpapillon  35-40k 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Hiding at Hogwarts
After Harry's second Hogwarts year, he decides to hide at Hogwarts instead of going back to the Dursleys. However, this plan leads to unexpected realisations and consequences. Completely AU, partly OOC, sick!Harry
HP  Severitis  h/c  family  35-40k  Complete  a:HealerPomfrey 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Harry Potter and the Unspeakable
A vision of a hurt boy in a cupboard appears to Unspeakable Snape, but its meaning eludes him until he intercepts a lost letter addressed to Harry Potter. Alarmed, he goes to Privet Drive & rescues Harry. Now he must win the boy's fragile trust. mentor/SS
HP  AU  Severitis  a:Snapegirlkmf  h/c  family  35-40k  Complete 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Goblin Conspiracy
AU, Post OotP, No HBP, Harry knows that he must take on Voldemort and finds unexpected allies
HP  a:loralee1  35-40k 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Small Blessings by: oldenuf2nobetter
After the war, Harry opens an orphanage with the help of a surprising friend. When he adopts an infant left on his doorstep, he has no idea what fate has in store for him.
HP  Harry/Draco  35-40k  kidfic  a:oldenuf2nobetter 
december 2013 by quiltedlives
Another Country - Lomonaaeren
Brain-damaged by a Dark curse, Harry is seeing auras that no one else can see and visions that don’t come true and speaking Latin instead of English. The Healers want him to go back to normal. Draco Malfoy thinks his future should be different from his past.
HP  Harry/Draco  a:Lomonaaeren  35-40k  angst 
november 2013 by quiltedlives

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