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Coming Silence
Harry is kicked out during his summer before fifth year. Kidnapped by a man whose more than he seems, Harry learns more about his past than he ever knew. When he returns, two years later, Harry is a changed man (literally). SLASH HPSS
HP  Harry/Snape  creature!fic  bonding  adventure  romance  45-50k  a:RileyCat 
april 2015 by quiltedlives
Of Darkening Souls
With a little help from the residing Potion Master, Hermione and Harry overhear a revealing conversation. Their eyes open to deception and the war becomes a completely new league, with their resolution to rid Wizarding Britain of the preconceptions of the light and the dark. A story of Harry and Hermione finding love, family and politics in time of war. Rated M for a reason, R&R
HP  drama  romance  Harry/Lucius  Hermione/Snape  70-75k  a:Raven.Sappho  Complete  manipulative!Dumbles  independant!Harry 
april 2015 by quiltedlives
Losing Control
Harry becomes an outcast during fourth year and ends up reaching out to new people to help him along the way. What he ends up with is a girlfriend and a new lease on life with the freedom he has never had before. The title refers to Albus and the Order. Grey Harry
HP  drama  romance  Harry/MeganJ  150-160k  strong!Harry  manipulative!Dumbles  grey:Harry  a:JackPotr  Complete 
april 2015 by quiltedlives
Going Beyond The Impossible
Creature!fic. After a plot to destroy the boy who lived, Harry becomes something that no one had imagined. He becomes stronger and more independent than ever and sets to right the world he finds himself in. After everything is done, all Harry wants is to have a life and live happily. Live Sirius and Dumbledore. Molly/Dumbledore/Ron/Ginny/Hermione bashing.
HP  Harry/Draco  Snape/Lucius  110-120k  supernatural  romance  creature!fic  a:hyde1403  Complete  Dumble-bashing  Molly-bashing  Ron-bashing  Hermione-bashing  Ginny-bashing 
april 2015 by quiltedlives
Life Begins Anew
Vernon Dursley’s abuse towards Harry during the summer after fifth year causes a sequence of events that no one could have predicted. Includes Lily’s diary, a strange necklace, and a new relationship with Snape.
HP  Severitis  child_abuse  110-120k  a:Hayley87 
april 2015 by quiltedlives
No Thanks
Complete. Harry makes a decision at the train platform at the end of year 5. Two little words change lives forever.
HP  Harry/Hermione  romance  angst  95-100k  Complete  a:old-crow 
april 2015 by quiltedlives
Trust Is A Relative Thing
What if Petunia put the blame where it belonged instead of on Harry?
HP  a:silverfawkes  200-220k  Dumble-bashing 
april 2015 by quiltedlives
A Diamond in the Sky
Six year old Harry hears a nursery rhyme and makes a wish, causing him to disappear for ten years. When he returns he's a little different from when he left. For one thing he's not exactly human anymore... Slash CWHP
HP  Harry/CharlieW  55-60k  Complete  fantasy  romance  a:SheWhoCannotBeTurned  manipulative!Dumbles 
april 2015 by quiltedlives
Awakening of a Sorcerer
On this 7th birthday, Harry discovered his legacy. A letter from his departed mother opened his path to become the new Sorcerer. AU-Harry. Intelligent/Powerful-Harry. Sorcerer-Harry. Logical-Harry. No Pairings. Will encompass Year 1 to 7 and then some. Derived from my sister's work with her permission.
HP  adventure  fantasy  130-140k  a:Corruptmonk 
march 2015 by quiltedlives
Lord of the Marauders
Everyone was so busy arresting Harry after the DOM debacle, that only Remus Lupin noticed the snow white Grim come out of the Veil of Death. Sirius Black is back, and he's had enough of his godson being manipulated. HP/DG/TD pairing, plus one. AU.
HP  a:Bluedragon312  adventure  fantasy  Harry/DaphneG  AU  90-95k  Complete 
march 2015 by quiltedlives
No good deed goes unpunishediction
After the death of Sirius, Harry pulls his life back together. However, a visit of his uncle's new boss shows him that no good deed goes unpunished, and suddenly defeating Voldemort seems only a minor problem. HP/GD/HG, RW/LL, NL/GW
HP  Harry/Gabrielle/Hermione  60-65k  drama 
march 2015 by quiltedlives
Consequences of a prepared mind
A small change in Harry's past has knock on effects thoughout his time at Hogwarts. A 'what if' type of story starting with his first year, and the changes that a smart Harry would cause.
HP  a:MaethorielRaina  30-35k 
march 2015 by quiltedlives
Hedwig's Great Adventure
First he learns there's a world of magic, then he meets a time traveling owl? Just when Harry thought his life couldn't get any stranger... AU Hogwarts years, stars Hedwig, Harry, Hermione, Neville, Padma, Terry, Susan, Blaise and Hannah.
HP  Harry/Hermione  adventure  friendship  85-90k  a:Stellata  WIP 
march 2015 by quiltedlives
Harry Potter and the Unexpected Changes and sequel(partial)
HP/DG. Follow Harry as he tries to broaden his horizons beyond Dumbledore's control. A new look on GoF. slight!Dumblebashing. Ron!bashing elemental magic, nonstandard!animagus forms. Sirius is free! independant!powerful!Harry
HP  Harry/DaphneG  a:LordAnarchy666  adventure  romance  Complete  strong!Harry  Animagus  Ron-bashing  Dumble-bashing  90-95k 
march 2015 by quiltedlives
The Blacks Are Back!
AU Post GoF. When Arcturus Black sees something unusual on the family tree, he starts to investigate…and gets a whole lot more than he bargained for. Dumbledore and Voldemort aren't what they seem, and a couple of his family members are suspiciously alive. So, he does what all Blacks do when they realize something's wrong: they take over.
HP  family  humor  40-45k  a:VelvetyNightSky  WIP 
march 2015 by quiltedlives
Baby in a Box by Sita Z
Every year on Christmas, Harry wants to hear the story of how he arrived at Spinner's End... in a box.
HP  Severitis  kidfic  a:SitaZ  angst  family  drama  h/c  10-15k  Complete 
march 2015 by quiltedlives
After Sunrise
Sometimes things are not always what they appear. What happens when everyone learns the truth? Harry and Hermione's journey after the fall of the dark lord.
HP  Harry/Hermione  drama  romance  family  80-85k  a:Hlpur 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
A Lightning's Tale
Harry Potter is abruptly thrown into a different world upon receiving his letter from Hogwarts. Danger stalks him at every turn, light and dark are locked in a constant, eternal battle, and weaving it all together is this substance called magic...
HP  a:RiddleMaster101  drama  angst  100-110k  Complete 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
Biscuits with a Side of Betrayal
Voldemort has been defeated, and Harry has returned to Hogwarts to finish his education. He approaches Severus Snape, who has survived Nagini's bite, for information regarding his mother. Snape proposes a trade.
HP  a:Warviben  120-130k  Harry/Snape  Complete 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
Hush, Potter
Severus is out making his rounds one night after curfew, looking for wandering students. Instead, he finds something is amiss. Harry needs saving, and Severus is the only one around to save him from his attacker.
HP  Harry/Snape  romance  drama  a:KylaMizuki  Complete  120-130k 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
Making the future history
Harry has a lot to think about: a man he saw die is alive, his hated teacher is becoming his friend and even worse he is seeing an attraction to him! All this with Voldemort still at large.
HP  Harry/Snape  romance  angst  a:xXxElectraxXx  Complete 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
Never Say Never
COMPLETE AU Childfic Abuse is the one thing that Harry Potter is used to but abandonment is a completely different story. Left alone by his guardians and struggling to survive Harry soon finds that help may come in the most unlikely of form...
HP  Severitis  h/c  family  20-25k  Complete  a:AbovetheWinterMoonlight 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
Harry and his twin brother Evan defeat the Dark Lord when they are 15 months old, only Dumbledore makes a mistake thinking Evan is the only one who did, and most people seem to just forget about Harry. Crazy Dumbledore, Veela Draco, HP/DM.
HP  Harry/Draco  romance  h/c  bad!Dumbledore  veela  a:Lovefremione  twin  Complete 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
Someone to Protect Him
Dumbledore ignores Harry's pleas to leave the abusive Dursley's. Charlie overhears Ron, Twins, & Draco's fears and decides to help. Abuse, Chan, Bonding, Prophecy's, good Malfoy's, bad Dumbledore, Mpreg. HP/CW /Charry/ , RL/SB, HG/FW, DM/BZ.
HP  Harry/CharlieW  60-65k  romance  drama  bad!Dumbledore  good!Malfoy  mpreg  a:Lovefremione 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
Harry younger brother of BWL, Potter's Alive, Abuse from the Dursleys Draco best friend. Evan ends the war and Harry is sent to Forks,WA to 'stay out of the way'. Slash HP/Edward, SB/RL, others undecided... Mentions of Child Abuse and Rape
HP  h/c  romance  family  30-35k  twilight  Crossover  twin  a:Lovefremione 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
True Confessions
An answer to Potions and Snitches' Abused Harry challenge and Severitus's challenge. Secrets are sometimes meant to be shared, and sharing those secrets can sometimes change lives.
HP  Severitis  a:Bratling  drama  15-20k  Complete 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
A History of Azkaban
Harry is sent to Azkaban for life after the rape and murder of Ginny Weasley! But what is the truth? HarryBellaTonksFleur
HP  Harry/Tonks  Harry/Fleur  Harry/Bella  drama  Suspense  Azkaban  15-20k  Complete 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
Not the Only Redhead
Harry asks Ginny to the Yule Ball. Everyone believes Harry is destined to be with a redhead. There is more than one redhead in Hogwarts, though.
HP  Harry/SusanB  320-340k  Complete  a:joemjackson  romance  Suspense 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
The Consequences of Honest Dialog
post OOTP. Harry is back on Privet drive and receives a notebook from Hermione. When he opens it, he finds it to be a most unusual connection. Rated M for abuse, violence, implied slash, rough stuff, rape,etc. HPNT On Hiatus
HP  Harry/Tonks  drama  AU  120-130k  a:jacee2u 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
A Brother's Betrayal
The second, less famous and misunderstood son of Lily and James Potter, reaches his breaking point when he finds that he cannot trust the only person he ever looked up to, his own brother. Can their relationship survive his brother's betrayal?
HP  angst  h/c  family  twin  10-15k  a:Chereche  Complete 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
Apprentic James
Char. Ooc, AU/AR, still within JK's world - Harry is apprenticed to a Diagon Alley businessman at the tender age of seven. From there the story changes... very mild bashing of some regulars.
HP  a:LilNezumi  40-45k  Complete  family  friendship 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
Why Harry Hates the Headmaster or Alt Sixth Year
Non-Canon, Char. OOC & AU year 6. This is a story about a letter that gets delivered after a certain amount of time has passed, it's about an unknown legacy, from a very, very unexpected quarter.
1.Hermione was not good she would mess up Harry and Rons papers.Like when they would give her them to check over she would tell them they got something wrong that was right and have them remove it.Or have them add something that is wrong.When they find out snape goes over all the past stuff with them and changes there grades i think.

2. I think they needed to give the goblins a gift first and Ron gives them this cheese his family makes.And it turns out this cheese is really big among the goblins.And the place Molly has been selling it to doesn't give her much for it and then they turn around and sell it to the goblins for a lot of money.
HP  Severitis  AU  mystery  drama  150-160k  a:LilNezumi  Complete 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
Rated T for language and mentions of child abuse. Harry is saved and healed medically and mentally by Severus. This is the story of what happens when love overcomes all. non-slash ... father/ son
HP  Severitis  h/c  family  150-160k  Complete  a:MishaySahila 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
Secrets and Shadows
Harry finds out a surprising truth about his family at the end of fifth year. Severitus warning for violence and child abuse. This story is AU
HP  Severitis  200-220k  a:Tourmaline20  drama  Complete 
january 2015 by quiltedlives
True colors
Au/OOC the night after the ministry Voldemort gone Harry learns he has been used by Albus and his so called friends. He makes new friends who teach him not to get angry, to get even. warn slash ment. child abuse HP/SS
HP  Harry/Snape  a:SnapeRulesMaraudersDrool  50-55k  h/c  family  Complete 
january 2015 by quiltedlives
AU/OOC Voldemort was defeated in the graveyard. Sirius is a free man, and he and Remus are ready to take Harry home. But Albus shocks them with the arrival of a surprise couple. A heated custody dispute ensues, will Harry ever be the same. warn slash/mprg
HP  h/c  family  Dumble-bashing  40-45k  WIP  a:SnapeRulesMaraudersDrool 
january 2015 by quiltedlives
Restoration - Jilly - Harry Potter
Three years after the death of the Potters and the disappearance of the Dark Lord, Severus receives a letter from the late Lily Potter. In those pages he finds that he hadn’t in fact lost his and Lucius’ child in a miscarriage, an event which drove Lucius and Severus apart. Now Severus and Lucius have a battle to find their son, and see their family restored.
HP  a:JillyJames  25-30k  Complete  mpreg  child_abuse  Dumble-bashing  Severitis 
january 2015 by quiltedlives
Watching and Waiting / Standing Against the Tides
Severus Snape sees Harry Potter for the first time again at the Welcoming Feast. Pre-slash.
Sequel to Watching and Waiting. Not all circumstances can be foreseen. How far will one go in order to do the right thing? How many walls must be broken to hold back the tide? Warning: dark and dangerous Dumbledore.
HP  Harry/Snape  a:sweet_asphodel  angst  tragedy  bad!Dumbledore  romance  drama  90-95k  Complete 
january 2015 by quiltedlives
Serpent Child by Eriador117
Snape/Harry. Dedicated to Coeur-de-ma-Vie who wanted a Snarry adoption AU fic. JK Rowling owns the Potterverse I just play in it for fun. Warnings for child abuse, under 18. Summary: "He should never have been left with those people!"
HP  a:Eriador117  Harry/Snape  adoption  angst  tragedy  AU  first_time  romance  h/c  bonding  Complete  65-70k 
december 2014 by quiltedlives
The Darkness Within The Light
Harry’s lost his parents, Sirius and any chance at a normal life because of a prophecy. Unfortunately the prophecy Harry was told isn’t the real one. Dumbledore changed it to hide the true savior at the expense of the Potters. Harry is about to find out.
HP  a:Volans  bad!Dumbledore  adventure  60-65k 
december 2014 by quiltedlives
Deceit and Lies
Harry survives a brutal attack from. the Dursleys with Hermione's help. He learns that everything he knows is false. What will he do? Takes places after Sirius' death. Mentions torture and sex.
HP  Harry/Hermione  a:potter8668  Complete  drama  h/c  10-15k 
november 2014 by quiltedlives
Snake Poison
What if the Basilisk poison wasn't completely gone? During the summer after Chamber of Secrets, Harry experiences an episode of shooting pain. Warning: Child Abuse!
HP  Severitis  15-20k  a:orangepajamas  angst 
november 2014 by quiltedlives
Goblins, Elves and Harry Potter
Harry just returned from his 1st shopping trip in the Wizarding World and now his aunt and uncle are selling him to the goblins. Fear not things are not what they seem, Very light slash in later chapters.
HP  strong!Harry  adventure  humor  bad!Dumbledore  55-60k  a:dreamjanus 
november 2014 by quiltedlives
Harry Potter and the Rejected Path
After one taunt too many by Draco & learning of dark things while possessed, Harry refuses to play his part anymore. Into this comes Luna with her own dark story to tell. They shall both get revenge and shake magical Britain before the end. - Harry/Multi
HP  harry/multi  adventure  drama  320-340k  a:zArkham 
november 2014 by quiltedlives
Harry was betrayed by the order and the wizarding world after the defeat of Voldemort. They Obliviate him, and leave him thinking he deserves what they did to him. With the help of a vampire, he learns to live his immortal life without fear and hurt SS/HP
HP  Harry/Snape  vampire  Complete  55-60k  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  bad!Dumbledore  Ron-bashing  Hermione-bashing  Ginny-bashing 
november 2014 by quiltedlives
La Liberté de Breen à Vivre
La Liberté de Breen à Vivre Breen's Freedom to Live Slash:: When your life has been controlled one day too long, what do you do? You find the freedom to live your own life! HPSS, Mpreg, first page of story will have all the pairings listed.
HP  Harry/Snape  mpreg  Complete  110-120k  a:SeulWolfe  romance  drama 
october 2014 by quiltedlives
Harry is severely injured and Snape is in for a life changing event when he comes to retrieve Harry at the beginning of his first year at Hogwarts. This is a Snape adopts Harry and Harry gets a family story.
HP  Severitis  a:AllisonMadness  75-80k  adoption  h/c  family 
october 2014 by quiltedlives
Au/OOC Harry is saved by Lucius in the graveyard but why did the spy risk him and his son to save the Golden Boy? Harry will learn he needs the aid of Lucius and Severus if he is ever going to learn the magic needed to win. HP/LM/SS warn child ab. mpreg
HP  Harry/Snape/Lucius  romance  drama  a:IamSlytherin  40-45k  Complete 
october 2014 by quiltedlives
Fall of a Phoenix
AU Yr6. After the disastrous events of fifth year Harry gets a whole new attitude and grows into his own power. A story of Old Magick, blood lines, and power struggles. It is time for the truth to come out.
HP  Harry/Snape  angst  horror  mpreg  Complete  25-30k  a:DaggersBloodPain 
october 2014 by quiltedlives
Blood Quill Consequences
Umbridge goes too far with the blood quill and it results in a trip to the infirmary, better instruction, a TA position, and falling in love for Harry Potter. Growing up is never easy, especially for The Boy Who Lived.
HP  Harry/Snape  a:Acherona  200-220k  drama  romance  Complete 
october 2014 by quiltedlives
There is Only Power
AU Post OotP, possible HBP content but not HBP complient, No pairing.Independant Harry.
HP  Severitis  a:loralee1  45-50k  adventure  Complete 
october 2014 by quiltedlives
Pains and Contradictions
SS/HP. Slash. When Harry begins to break under the pressures of death and prophesy, help arrives from an unlikely quarter: Snape. Despite their own doubts, manipulations from all sides and hapless interventions combine to bring their two souls together.
HP  Harry/Snape  a:atypicalsnowman  Complete  300-320k  romance  h/c 
october 2014 by quiltedlives
Learning and Teaching Series
After a bad summer Harry is resorted because of some problems within Gryffindor. How will he react when he's put in the middle of the people he once thought were his enemy? HPSS Warning: this fic contains minor selfdirected violence on Harry's part
HP  Harry/Snape  a:FyreFlyODoom  adventure  romance  50-55k  Complete 
october 2014 by quiltedlives
Mine Series
Against his better judgment Severus Snape let a part of himself be used in a spell six years earlier. Now the consequences of his actions cannot be avoided any longer and Snape finds himself the father of a five year old boy! Mine and its Sequels.
HP  Severitis  family  Series  a:Gillian  kidfic  AU  Complete  150-160k 
october 2014 by quiltedlives
Sent to Privet Drive to intercede in a domestic dispute, Severus finds that Harry Potter is not quite feeling himself.
HP  Harry/Snape  abuse  a:Cluegirl  20-25k  humor  Complete 
october 2014 by quiltedlives
Beyond the Heart
REVISED Summer after GoF is hell for Harry. As Snape comes to fetch him from there at the request of Dumbledore, he is enraged by the situation. He will not allow this anymore. Harry will NOT spend another summer there.
HP  Severitis  a:Lyssaphra  20-25k  drama  Complete 
october 2014 by quiltedlives
The marriage contract - phoenixgirl26
Harry Potter finds out that Albus Dumbledore is trying to force him to marry Ginny Weasley. With the help from Sirius and Severus, they do all they can to stop that from happening and to show Albus Dumbledore for who he truly is.
HP  a:phoenixgirl26  40-45k  Harry/Snape  bad!Dumbledore  Ron-bashing  Ginny-bashing  Molly-bashing  Hermione-bashing 
october 2014 by quiltedlives
A Side To Harry Nobody Knew
There is a side to Harry nobody knew! until now...is it a huffelpuff side? or Slytherin side? slash SSHP MLPREG manipualtive dumbledore! RonHermione Bashing big style! REPOSTS FINISHED ALL NEW NEVER READ CHAPTERS!
HP  Harry/Snape  mpreg  50-55k  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  Complete 
september 2014 by quiltedlives
Harry Potter And The Betrayal
Harry is sentenced to Azkaban for using an unforgivable on Colin Creevy did he do it or was he set up? Will he set his own side? stick with dumbledore? join Voldemort find out as Harry starts being independant. Slash SS.HP MLPREG ALSO. Chapter one REedite
HP  Harry/Snape  mpreg  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  50-55k 
september 2014 by quiltedlives
Orphaned Potter
Harry is Orphaned thanks to Lily Evans, who isnt all she seems. His brother is thought the boy who lived and no one cares about little Harry just Micheal Potter. Eventually he is adopted! but by who? when the Potters find out will they want him back?
HP  Severitis  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  35-40k  Complete 
september 2014 by quiltedlives
A Whole New World Of Betrayal And Understanding
Harry had a twin which was trained from birth to serve the light side. Harry is angry at everyone for them taking his twin from him. sshp REPOSTS FINISHED ALL NEW CHAPTERS!
HP  Harry/Snape  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  15-20k  Complete 
september 2014 by quiltedlives
Magical Twins
When eight-year-old Dudley's magic suddenly manifests, Vernon throws Dudley and Harry out, and the two flee together, finally ending up in Minerva's and Severus' care. Completely AU, partly OOC, mentioning abuse!Dursleys, sick!Harry/Dudley/Severus.
HP  Severitis  h/c  family  15-20k  a:HealerPomfrey 
august 2014 by quiltedlives
Harry's Primary School Experience
Harry has fallen ill at the primary school and is waiting for someone to take him home. Who cares enough to save him? Completely AU, partly OOC, Neglect!Dursleys, Sick!Harry, childfic.
HP  Severitis  kidfic  a:HealerPomfrey  15-20k  h/c  family 
august 2014 by quiltedlives
Nightmares and Daydreams
AU5th Year. Secrets are revealed, alliances are formed and the wizarding world will never be the same again. No slash Snape.Harry Mentoring
on ch 10
HP  Severitis  a:teacherbev  65-70k  adventure  h/c 
august 2014 by quiltedlives
Of Scarlet and Emerald
A pair of shoes, a set of mittens; how are two seemingly mundane items going to change the lives of both a snarky man and a troubled child?
HP  Severitis  h/c  family  30-35k  a:autumnamberleaves 
august 2014 by quiltedlives
Return of the High Elves
Two months had passed since Harry Potter was last seen. Now he returns, trained and armed for war...and with pointy ears?
HP  humor  adventure  elven  a:Virusgod  100-110k  Harry/Ginny 
august 2014 by quiltedlives
The Pride of a Snake
Complete: A Severitus Challenge. Enough said?
HP  Severitis  a:MiDNiGHT-MoRPHiNE  40-45k  drama  adventure 
august 2014 by quiltedlives
Soul Destroyed
COMPLETE Dumbledore did something unforgivable! watch as a now Slytherin Harry joins Voldemort and ends the war. Evil Dumbledore okish Voldemort! slash SSHP mpreg mentioned at end
HP  Harry/Snape  mpreg  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  25-30k  Complete 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Empty Jaded Emerald Eyes
Harry is accused of killing the Dursley's, he is proven innocent and soon after gets adopted by Severus also Sev finds sons in the most unexpected people Fred and George Weasley. Together they train to banish the upcoming darkness away.
HP  Severitis  adoption  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  85-90k  Complete 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
The Changes
Harry descovers that Hermione is spying on him for Dumbledore. What will happen? will Harry create his own side in this war? To do that he has to become powerful, emancipated and untouchable by Dumbledore HP/SS Mpreg Ron becomes Harry's blood brother.
HP  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  55-60k  bad!Dumbledore  Harry/Snape  Complete 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Going Dark
Harry learns the true extent of the manipulation, including his own free will with potions. Thanks to Severus Snape he can truly become himself, he turns grey, neither Dark or Light who wins?
HP  Harry/Snape  mpreg  bad!Dumbledore  85-90k  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  Complete 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Harry Potter and the Mystic Knights
Harry goes missing after his fourth year and comes back changed. Now with new powers and friends Harry finally feels ready to face Voldemort.
HP  adventure  85-90k  a:ArcticWolf2 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Vanishing Illusions
Harry Potter, previously thought to be dead, arrives to compete in the triwizard tournament. How will being raised by a former Death Eater and attending Durmstrang, alter the boy's intended course.
HP  bad!Dumbledore  adoption  75-80k  a:TrelawneysLoveToy 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Lord of Caer Azkaban
A letter causes Harry to learn some surprising things about his lineage, a different twist on the usual Harry in Azkaban story line.
HP  a:Rorschachs_Blot  110-120k  bad!Dumbledore 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
The Broken Child
All that he had known was abuse and slander. He believed himself to be worthless and a nuisance. How do you fix a broken child, that doesn't believe he is worth the help? Re-continued. Mentor/Father!Snape. Mentions of Abuse!
HP  Severitis  angst  h/c  family  a:lanoirpapillon  35-40k 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
No Obvious Truths
Harry is a very sick young boy, and Arabella Figg is one desperate woman. With Dumbledore ignoring her, she has no choice but to take drastic measures to ensure the child's survival. So she goes to the one person who might have a hope in hell of helping her. Severus Snape. Even she couldn't foresee the consequences of his help. This story has been adopted, Dani concented. SLASH!
HP  Severitis  110-120k  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  WIP 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Going Home
Harry has come back to Hogwarts for his second year and something is...off. Harry has tried as hard as he can to keep everything secret and hidden, but people who are watching him know something is wrong.
HP  Severitis  adoption  AU  a:swamygliders  h/c  family  260-280k 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
New Beginnings
Severus Snape is sent by Dumbledore to check on Harry after it is discovered that hegh a rough patch in his life. AbusedHarry/GuardianSnape. Summer after GOF.
HP  Severitis  a:LorelaiDanes  h/c  65-70k 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Hiding at Hogwarts
After Harry's second Hogwarts year, he decides to hide at Hogwarts instead of going back to the Dursleys. However, this plan leads to unexpected realisations and consequences. Completely AU, partly OOC, sick!Harry
HP  Severitis  h/c  family  35-40k  Complete  a:HealerPomfrey 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Of Love, In Unexpected Places
Summer after fourth year is finally over, and things are not as expected when Harry makes it back to the magical world. Badly broken and determined for it to stop, Harry turns to, surprisingly, a certain Potions Master. Sev adopts Harry
HP  Severitis  h/c  angst  adoption  a:ObsessiveCompulsiveforhp  120-130k 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
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