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Weapon of Mass Distraction - SaydriaWolfe
In response to a threat to the leader of his personal Tribe, Tony DiNozzo comes online.
NCIS  Sentinel  fusion  AU  a:SaydriaWolfe  10-15k  Complete  RoughTrade 
may 2018 by quiltedlives
Andromeda - Alania_Black
Trapped further from home than most of the planet could imagine, with an ancient enemy waking and feeding across the galaxy, the it was expected that Sentinels would awaken among the members of the Atlantis mission. But after everything he has experienced, John Sheppard never expected to come online in Atlantis.

Guides only come online when there is a compatible Sentinel nearby that they can bond with. So, when Rodney McKay felt his Guide abilities start to emerge, he knew there was a Sentinel somewhere on the city for him - but he never expected that Sentinel would be John Sheppard.

Together, the two of them have to come to terms with their newly forming relationship, a ravenous enemy and mysteries that will take them into the heart of the Andromeda galaxy.
SGA  fusion  Sentinel  BDSM  McKay/Sheppard  10-15k  a:Alania_Black  Complete 
march 2016 by quiltedlives
I Wasn’t Waiting for You » Jilly James
Hotch is an unbonded guide with no interest in finding his sentinel. He prefers it with the BAU, and a sentinel could get in the way. Tony is able to function highly as an unbonded sentinel, and he’s fine with the situation the way it is. When their paths cross while Hotch works a case in New York, their disinterest is put to the test, especially when Hotch is in the path of a killer.
NCIS  Criminal_Minds  Sentinel  fusion  DiNozzo/Hotchner  10-15k  Complete  a:JillyJames 
january 2016 by quiltedlives
Harry Potter and the Sentinel Phenomenon - elyssblair
Everything changes the summer after fifth year. Draco refuses to take the Dark Mark and must deal with leaving behind the life, friends and family he's always known.The Dursley's abandon Harry alone in the woods for a week, triggering his Sentinel gifts and leaving him hurting and in need of a Guide. Can two rivals put aside five years worth of antagonism in order to work together to save Hogwarts and each other?
HP  Sentinel  fusion  Harry/Draco  a:elyssblair  75-80k  AU  bonding 
september 2013 by quiltedlives
Sentinal 101 - Orithain & Rina
Rodney was a Sentinel who didn’t find his guide [...] somehow John misses being tested. Of course much later they would meet [...] Rodney going all these years without a guide doesn’t realize what he’s smelling and of course John is just clueless.’
SGA  Sentinel  fusion  McKay/Shepherd  a:orithian  a:rina 
august 2013 by quiltedlives
The Unlikely and Unwilling, A SGA Sentinel and Guide
What happens when two people who are not your typical Sentinel or Guide meet up?
SGA  McKay/Shepherd  AU  Sentinel  fusion  a:ladyholder  Series  20-25k 
september 2012 by quiltedlives
Signs (Sheppard/McKay) – Sentinel!Fusion | FlitterFlutterFly
Rodney McKay has been the lead expert in all things abnormal since he first built a non-working nuclear bomb in sixth grade and used it to frighten away the poltergeist in his school. The FBI, Interpol, MI-6… he’s worked with them all, traveling the world to save the day again and again. It was the curse of his status as an unbonded Guide that he never found a place, or a Sentinel, to call home. But when people start brutally dying all over the planet, Rodney ends up teaming up with CIA Agent John Sheppard and finds something he’d never even realized he was missing.
SGA  Sentinel  fusion  McKay/Shepherd  AU  a:flitterflutterfly  10-15k 
june 2012 by quiltedlives

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