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So You're A Vampire? - elvirakitties
Harry gets turned into a vampire by accident. He lets Severus in on a few truths and it goes crazy from there.
HP  Harry/Snape/Lucius  vampire  a:elvirakitties  Complete  160-170k  AU  bad!Dumbledore  good!Riddle 
november 2018 by quiltedlives
Seeing You: The Truth Will Set You Free - ThirteenRedVampireBites
When Harry starts changing the twins seem to be the only ones who notice. With the drawing of his name from the Goblet of Fire, Harry turns to the only ones in the world who seem to believe him, and with their help what will come to light?
HP  harry/multi  45-50k  Complete  bad!Dumbledore  family  a:ThirteenRedVampireBites 
july 2018 by quiltedlives
Revelations of One Harry James Potter
Many things are revealed to Harry by his past. It is up to him to build the future he wants. Harry is betrayed but ends up stronger for it.
HP  Harry/SusanB  drama  romance  independant!Harry  strong!Harry  bad!Dumbledore  Weasley-bashing  Hermione-bashing  Complete  85-90k 
september 2016 by quiltedlives
A Desperate Cry for Help
After the Department of Mysteries Fiasco, all Harry wants to do is grieve in peace. Unfortunately for him, his friends and family are going to do anything in their power to keep that from happening. The beatings Harry received before the start of 3rd year have started up again now that Sirius is gone. Will his friends be there for him or will he make new friends?
HP  Harry/Voldemort  Harry/Draco  first_time  bad!Dumbledore  Ron-bashing  manipulative!Dumbles  a:vernie_klein  180-190k 
march 2016 by quiltedlives
Dumbledore's Secret
Albus Dumbledore has a big secret. One that will shock Harry Potter and not for the better. Evil Dumbledore! Dark Harry! AU! HPSS DMBZ KSRL HGBL in later chapters.
HP  dark:Harry  bad!Dumbledore  55-60k  a:AngelDustFury  Harry/Snape 
august 2015 by quiltedlives
Wolf's son
Harry's twin is thought to be the boy-who-lived and his parents neglect him. Someone else is also feeling neglected. One night Harry disappears along with Sirius's spouse and child. Years later,Dumbledore does something stupid.Dumbles is going down! Slash
HP  a:TeWahineAniwaniwa  family  twin  drama  50-55k  Complete  bad!Dumbledore 
august 2015 by quiltedlives
Takes place the Summer before third year. A chance meeting with a former Death Eater reveals some startiling truths. Disclaimer: I do not own anything Harry Potter.
HP  Harry/Hermione  strong!Harry  bad!Dumbledore  Dumble-bashing  130-140k  a:Rohata 
july 2015 by quiltedlives
Pretty Boy
Harry runs from the wizarding world, after just two weeks at hogwarts aged 11. Running away and leaving behind the Dursley's and a manipulative Headmaster. He makes a life for himself, he was now just a normal man with no expectations heaped upon him. Then, at the age of nineteen help finds him in the form of Severus Snape or rather Harry helps him. SS/HP Slash good Sirius/Remus.
HP  Harry/Snape  mpreg  strong!Harry  bad!Dumbledore  160-170k  Complete  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan 
may 2015 by quiltedlives
Summer after year four. Harry starts changing, he finds out he is not a potter, he has no mother, and he has family that desperately wants to love him. Will Harry risk his heart, especially with his new found parents? Better Summary and warnings inside.Title means Family in Irish Gaelic AU Slash, Mpreg, SS/LM, HP/RW Bad Dumbles,Good Voldie,HG/MW/GW bashing
HP  Harry/Ron  Snape/Lucius  90-95k  Complete  family  h/c  mpreg  bad!Dumbledore  Hermione-bashing  Molly-bashing  Ginny-bashing  a:Godiva9 
april 2015 by quiltedlives
Harry and his twin brother Evan defeat the Dark Lord when they are 15 months old, only Dumbledore makes a mistake thinking Evan is the only one who did, and most people seem to just forget about Harry. Crazy Dumbledore, Veela Draco, HP/DM.
HP  Harry/Draco  romance  h/c  bad!Dumbledore  veela  a:Lovefremione  twin  Complete 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
Someone to Protect Him
Dumbledore ignores Harry's pleas to leave the abusive Dursley's. Charlie overhears Ron, Twins, & Draco's fears and decides to help. Abuse, Chan, Bonding, Prophecy's, good Malfoy's, bad Dumbledore, Mpreg. HP/CW /Charry/ , RL/SB, HG/FW, DM/BZ.
HP  Harry/CharlieW  60-65k  romance  drama  bad!Dumbledore  good!Malfoy  mpreg  a:Lovefremione 
february 2015 by quiltedlives
Watching and Waiting / Standing Against the Tides
Severus Snape sees Harry Potter for the first time again at the Welcoming Feast. Pre-slash.
Sequel to Watching and Waiting. Not all circumstances can be foreseen. How far will one go in order to do the right thing? How many walls must be broken to hold back the tide? Warning: dark and dangerous Dumbledore.
HP  Harry/Snape  a:sweet_asphodel  angst  tragedy  bad!Dumbledore  romance  drama  90-95k  Complete 
january 2015 by quiltedlives
The Darkness Within The Light
Harry’s lost his parents, Sirius and any chance at a normal life because of a prophecy. Unfortunately the prophecy Harry was told isn’t the real one. Dumbledore changed it to hide the true savior at the expense of the Potters. Harry is about to find out.
HP  a:Volans  bad!Dumbledore  adventure  60-65k 
december 2014 by quiltedlives
Goblins, Elves and Harry Potter
Harry just returned from his 1st shopping trip in the Wizarding World and now his aunt and uncle are selling him to the goblins. Fear not things are not what they seem, Very light slash in later chapters.
HP  strong!Harry  adventure  humor  bad!Dumbledore  55-60k  a:dreamjanus 
november 2014 by quiltedlives
Harry was betrayed by the order and the wizarding world after the defeat of Voldemort. They Obliviate him, and leave him thinking he deserves what they did to him. With the help of a vampire, he learns to live his immortal life without fear and hurt SS/HP
HP  Harry/Snape  vampire  Complete  55-60k  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  bad!Dumbledore  Ron-bashing  Hermione-bashing  Ginny-bashing 
november 2014 by quiltedlives
The marriage contract - phoenixgirl26
Harry Potter finds out that Albus Dumbledore is trying to force him to marry Ginny Weasley. With the help from Sirius and Severus, they do all they can to stop that from happening and to show Albus Dumbledore for who he truly is.
HP  a:phoenixgirl26  40-45k  Harry/Snape  bad!Dumbledore  Ron-bashing  Ginny-bashing  Molly-bashing  Hermione-bashing 
october 2014 by quiltedlives
The Changes
Harry descovers that Hermione is spying on him for Dumbledore. What will happen? will Harry create his own side in this war? To do that he has to become powerful, emancipated and untouchable by Dumbledore HP/SS Mpreg Ron becomes Harry's blood brother.
HP  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  55-60k  bad!Dumbledore  Harry/Snape  Complete 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Going Dark
Harry learns the true extent of the manipulation, including his own free will with potions. Thanks to Severus Snape he can truly become himself, he turns grey, neither Dark or Light who wins?
HP  Harry/Snape  mpreg  bad!Dumbledore  85-90k  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  Complete 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Vanishing Illusions
Harry Potter, previously thought to be dead, arrives to compete in the triwizard tournament. How will being raised by a former Death Eater and attending Durmstrang, alter the boy's intended course.
HP  bad!Dumbledore  adoption  75-80k  a:TrelawneysLoveToy 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Lord of Caer Azkaban
A letter causes Harry to learn some surprising things about his lineage, a different twist on the usual Harry in Azkaban story line.
HP  a:Rorschachs_Blot  110-120k  bad!Dumbledore 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Harry Potter and The Acts of Betrayal
The Semiclassic 'everyone has been lying to Harry about everything' plot. Very AU. Bashing of pretty much everyone. Mind Control Sex. Language. Dumbledore decides the Old Families won't tolerate the Chosen One being with a mudblood. Sucks to be Ron Ginny
HP  Harry/Hermione  bad!Dumbledore  angst  romance  75-80k  a:Clell65619 
july 2014 by quiltedlives
Harry Potter and the Four Heirs
Merlin, not happy with how the future unravelled for the life of Harry Potter, intervenes early to set the course of history back on track. Implied Pairing Only. Smart!Harry Bash!AD Idiot!RW
HP  adventure  a:Sinyk  280-300k  bad!Dumbledore  Complete  Dumble-bashing  Ron-bashing 
june 2014 by quiltedlives
After Voldemort's defeat, and in order to keep control of Harry Dumbledore enacts a marriage contract between Harry and Ginny. Bound by Pureblood Traditions, Harry can only use that to his advantage. Not a Harry/Ginny fic. Pre Slash.
HP  Harry/Ginny  Harry/Snape  Pre-slash  romance  bad!Dumbledore  40-45k  a:MaethorielRaina  Complete 
june 2014 by quiltedlives
Summer of Independence
Set right after 5th year. Harry becomes independent. No pairings, lots of Quidditch and some Ron&Ginny&Dumbledore&Etc bashing.
HP  bad!Dumbledore  Series  adventure  friendship  a:redfrog  190-200k 
february 2014 by quiltedlives
Harry Potter and the Order of the Light and Dark
COMPLETE AU after fifth year.Harry sees through Dumbledore and starts his war on both the Light and the Dark forces.
HP  bad!Dumbledore  a:PriyaAshok  220-240k 
february 2014 by quiltedlives
Harry Potter the Power Unknown
Manipulative, Evil Dumbledore! Powerful Harry! Clever, Resilient, Brave Snape! Alternate Universe! Brilliantly Intelligent Lily! The full story of Harry Potter Please READ & REVIEW!COMPLETE!
HP  Gen  110-120k  bad!Dumbledore  a:PriyaAshok  AU  guardian!Snape 
january 2014 by quiltedlives
Wherein Dumbledore does the unforgivable, and is forsaken by his pawn.
HP  Harry/Draco  a:Shivani  drama  120-130k  bad!Dumbledore  Voldemort:Family 
january 2014 by quiltedlives
Keeping Appearances
Harry walks the halls of Hogwarts seriously injured and is confronted by the Slytherins. They take him to Snape, who uses Legilimency to make a startling discovery. Is Dumbledore really who he says he is? Is Harry really on the right side of the war? Goodish!Voldemort, No Slash, Powerful Harry, Mentor Snape, Good Malfoys, super bad Dumbles, very abused Harry, AU Goblet of Fire
HP  h/c  family  guardian!Snape  bad!Dumbledore  abuse  a:TheEscapeFromReality  Complete  95-100k  Severitis 
january 2014 by quiltedlives
Fallen Phoenix
The manipulations of Albus Dumbledore have gone too far this time. An abused, seven year old Harry Potter is left, beaten in his cupboard. Cue Severus Snape. Dumbledore/Weasley bashing. Abused!Harry. Severus/Harry Mentorfic.
HP  guardian!Snape  a:HufflepufflikeSlytherin  40-45k  child_abuse  violence  bad!Dumbledore  family  h/c 
january 2014 by quiltedlives
Unlikely Heroes - Kusanosakura
A battered Boy Who Lived finds his world come crashing down when his name comes out of the Goblet of Fire. Shockingly, the only ones to come to his rescue are those he'd believed were his enemies.
part 1 complete 240K
part 2 & 3 WIP
HP  Harry/Draco  veela  creature!fic  bad!Dumbledore  child_abuse  good!Draco  good!Lucius  Series  SIP  a:Kusanosakura  320-340k 
january 2014 by quiltedlives

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