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Bats Shouldn't Get Hurt - elvirakitties
Harry and Severus find out just how bad the Headmaster is. Just how far he is willing to go to control them both.

This is also a quick piece I decided to try. There will be more coming as I really enjoyed this :)

This story disappeared and I got it back from people having copies of it, I am reposting this as fast as I can.
HP  Harry/Snape  Complete  55-60k  Harry/Snape/Riddle  Ron-bashing  Ginny-bashing  Dumble-bashing  Molly-bashing  manipulative!Dumbles  Hermione-bashing  good!Riddle  a:elvirakitties 
march 2017 by quiltedlives
Blood Matters
When Dark Secrets come to Light, Harry is forced to re-examine everything he thought previously and learns that blood does matter. Warning for Dumbledore, Molly. Ginny, Hermione and Ron bashing . Warnings: Slash, extreme AU and OCCness Features sick!Harry in the beginning!
HP  family  dark:Harry  Dumble-bashing  Molly-bashing  Ginny-bashing  Hermione-bashing  Ron-bashing  AU  OOC  95-100k  a:BloodyRedQueen 
june 2015 by quiltedlives
Summer after year four. Harry starts changing, he finds out he is not a potter, he has no mother, and he has family that desperately wants to love him. Will Harry risk his heart, especially with his new found parents? Better Summary and warnings inside.Title means Family in Irish Gaelic AU Slash, Mpreg, SS/LM, HP/RW Bad Dumbles,Good Voldie,HG/MW/GW bashing
HP  Harry/Ron  Snape/Lucius  90-95k  Complete  family  h/c  mpreg  bad!Dumbledore  Hermione-bashing  Molly-bashing  Ginny-bashing  a:Godiva9 
april 2015 by quiltedlives
Going Beyond The Impossible
Creature!fic. After a plot to destroy the boy who lived, Harry becomes something that no one had imagined. He becomes stronger and more independent than ever and sets to right the world he finds himself in. After everything is done, all Harry wants is to have a life and live happily. Live Sirius and Dumbledore. Molly/Dumbledore/Ron/Ginny/Hermione bashing.
HP  Harry/Draco  Snape/Lucius  110-120k  supernatural  romance  creature!fic  a:hyde1403  Complete  Dumble-bashing  Molly-bashing  Ron-bashing  Hermione-bashing  Ginny-bashing 
april 2015 by quiltedlives
Harry was betrayed by the order and the wizarding world after the defeat of Voldemort. They Obliviate him, and leave him thinking he deserves what they did to him. With the help of a vampire, he learns to live his immortal life without fear and hurt SS/HP
HP  Harry/Snape  vampire  Complete  55-60k  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  bad!Dumbledore  Ron-bashing  Hermione-bashing  Ginny-bashing 
november 2014 by quiltedlives
The marriage contract - phoenixgirl26
Harry Potter finds out that Albus Dumbledore is trying to force him to marry Ginny Weasley. With the help from Sirius and Severus, they do all they can to stop that from happening and to show Albus Dumbledore for who he truly is.
HP  a:phoenixgirl26  40-45k  Harry/Snape  bad!Dumbledore  Ron-bashing  Ginny-bashing  Molly-bashing  Hermione-bashing 
october 2014 by quiltedlives
It All Started With A Visit To Gringotts
Voldemort is dead and Harry has finally graduated from Hogwarts and is ready to live his life, but his world is turned upside down when he realizes friends can become enemies and enemies become friends. Powerful Harry. Mild Slash HP/SS
gringotts - harry finds out Ginny was stealing from him (was going to marry) - letter from Tom Riddle
HP  Harry/Snape  a:jadedragon36  400-450k  drama  romance  Molly-bashing  Ginny-bashing  Ron-bashing 
february 2014 by quiltedlives

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