So You're A Vampire? - elvirakitties
Harry gets turned into a vampire by accident. He lets Severus in on a few truths and it goes crazy from there.
HP  Harry/Snape/Lucius  vampire  a:elvirakitties  Complete  160-170k  AU  bad!Dumbledore  good!Riddle 
november 2018
I did not sleep with that wizard! - KusanoSaku
Summary: Harry has a vision of Sirius being tortured and begs Dobby to take him to Sirius. AS they Apparate out of the Fifth Year Gryffindor Dormitory he faints. Showing things come to light about the Saviour. Involves Good Malfoys, good Sirius and Good Severus. More to be revealled...
HP  Harry/Draco  family  RemusL  Sirius  mpreg  WIP  good!Malfoy  Ron-bashing  Severus  160-170k  a:KusanoSaku 
august 2018
Harry Potter and The Old Friend
An invitation to visit a muggle house in Surrey England, the next morning, the 25th July 1991, is received by Director Amelia Bones. It is the home of one Harry Potter. That visit changes everything.
HP  Harry/SusanB  adventure  85-90k  Complete  a:Sinyk 
august 2018
Mimi - sunryder
Minerva McGonagall is not the kind of woman to leave a child on a stoop in November without making sure he'll be cared for.

Her care changes everything.
HP  Minerva  AU  30-35k  a:sunryder  Complete 
august 2018
Seeing You: The Truth Will Set You Free - ThirteenRedVampireBites
When Harry starts changing the twins seem to be the only ones who notice. With the drawing of his name from the Goblet of Fire, Harry turns to the only ones in the world who seem to believe him, and with their help what will come to light?
HP  harry/multi  45-50k  Complete  bad!Dumbledore  family  a:ThirteenRedVampireBites 
july 2018
A Different Professor Which Professor?, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
"Her skeleton will lie in the chamber forever." Ginny has been taken to the Chamber of Secrets and Harry may know where that is. How would things have turned out if he had gone to a Different Professor?
HP  Harry/Hermione  adventure  drama  family  WIP  280-300k  a:AsphodelWolf15 
june 2018
Weapon of Mass Distraction - SaydriaWolfe
In response to a threat to the leader of his personal Tribe, Tony DiNozzo comes online.
NCIS  Sentinel  fusion  AU  a:SaydriaWolfe  10-15k  Complete  RoughTrade 
may 2018
Arcane Academy
With Sirius' recent death, Harry's summer has a hellish start. The Dursley's abuse turns deadly, and Dumbledore does nothing to save him. Will he survive for another year of school, and will he even want to go back to Hogwarts at all?
HP  family  RemusL  romance  fantasy  creature!fic  130-140k  a:ame3565  Harry/Other 
february 2018
The Definition of Normal
Harry is adopted by a black shaggy dog when he leaves Privet Drive after blowing up Aunt Marge. His experiences at the Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley afterwards takes his life in a whole different direction. He gets help from unexpected directions - the goblins and the DMLE. AU Third Book. No Pairings. Unofficial subtitle: Where everyone gets what they deserve.
HP  family  Sirius  RemusL  h/c  Dobby  300-320k  Complete  a:Ducky1776  drama 
february 2018
Gwyrdd Arwar - inspiritedmama
A re-imagining of the Harry Potter series in which Harry Potter is sorted into Slytherin instead of Gryffindor.

This will be a slow-build as I've no interest in writing a majorly underage Potter/Snape relationship. I plan to write my way through all the books, developing the characters and relationships with a good amount of fluff and angst.
HP  Harry/Snape  fluff  angst  Slytherin!Harry  Weasley-bashing  Dumble-bashing  AU  Series  a:inspiritedmama 
august 2017
Free Falling
A late night walk brings Gibbs to a young Tony and leads the two of them on a journey that neither of them were expecting.
A Duck Named Jim
NCIS  h/c  family  Gibbs  65-70k  Complete  a:ReneesWings 
july 2017
Sense and Sensibility Chapter 1: prologue: Halloween 1981, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
adopted Au/ooc Hector Potter is BWL or is he? Unknown to most Lily has twins Sickly Harry is sent to Petunia,rescued by Sirius He is raised by new parents in an old blood family Is Hector truly hero? And what happens when twins meet at school? slash/mprg
HP  h/c  family  Sirius  Complete  160-170k  Harry/Other  a:BlackPrince24 
may 2017
Bats Shouldn't Get Hurt - elvirakitties
Harry and Severus find out just how bad the Headmaster is. Just how far he is willing to go to control them both.

This is also a quick piece I decided to try. There will be more coming as I really enjoyed this :)

This story disappeared and I got it back from people having copies of it, I am reposting this as fast as I can.
HP  Harry/Snape  Complete  55-60k  Harry/Snape/Riddle  Ron-bashing  Ginny-bashing  Dumble-bashing  Molly-bashing  manipulative!Dumbles  Hermione-bashing  good!Riddle  a:elvirakitties 
march 2017
Behavioural Analysis - wereleopard58
ony is tired of people assuming he has no brains, because of his Phys Ed Degree. He decides to do long distance learning. He sees a seminar run by Dr Spencer Reid, the two become friends. The BAU comes up with a case that could eventually include naval personnel, Spencer knows who to contact.
NCIS  Criminal_Minds  Crossover  a:wereleopard58  Gibbs/DiNozzo  Anti-Ziva  Anti-McGee  Complete  35-40k 
march 2017
Sentinel and Guide - wereleopard58
While in Mexico Gibbs spent some time out in the desert alone. He has come back to NCIS, but his senses are going crazy. He thinks he is going crazy. This is the first story in a trilogy, there could be more, but it is only three to start off with. This one is NCIS, the next one will be Hawaii Five-0 and the third will be NCIS/Hawaii Five-0 meeting up.
NCIS  H5O  Sentinel  Gibbs/DiNozzo  Steve/Danny  Crossover  a:wereleopard58  25-30k 
march 2017
A Chance at Happiness - Vampirezdarkgurl
Harry finds out that not everything is as he believes it to be. Written for Mistress of Malfoy's "First Kiss Challenge" on Adultfanfiction. (IMPORTANT: This story was originally written/posted in 2008!)
HP  Harry/Voldemort  mpreg  a:Vampirezdarkgurl  AU  Dumble-bashing  Ron-bashing  Hermione-bashing  child_abuse  Complete  130-140k 
march 2017
The Sun Child
Harry's twin brother is the boy who lived. Matt has the scar he was in Lilly's arms after the attack. His scar was infused with light magic. Why is it then that Harry has all the power and is always saving the day, revised.
HP  adventure  twin  a:lemonpotato  95-100k 
february 2017
Betrayal's Touch
arry/Many - He fought so hard to free them all, he lost everything, and how did they reward him? They threw him away, he would change everything, he would save everyone he loved and leave the rest of them to rot. Rating for the future.Slash.
WIP 10/15/16
HP  harry/multi  creature!fic  romance  adventure  WIP  55-60k  a:Kiera27 
january 2017
Shadow Boy
Harry Potter could never be called normal. Not when he was abandoned by his parents when his twin brother was hailed the boy who lived, and definitely not when he returned fourteen years with three adopted brothers in tow, to rock Hogwarts world.
HP  drama  humor  50-55k  a:PissedOffPoet1  Complete  twin 
january 2017
Revelations of One Harry James Potter
Many things are revealed to Harry by his past. It is up to him to build the future he wants. Harry is betrayed but ends up stronger for it.
HP  Harry/SusanB  drama  romance  independant!Harry  strong!Harry  bad!Dumbledore  Weasley-bashing  Hermione-bashing  Complete  85-90k 
september 2016
Harry Potter in the Claw of the Raven Series
When a more studious Harry Potter entered Gringotts with Hagrid, the Goblins managed to talk to him privately - Dumbledore never saw that one coming. A Ravenclaw Harry story. Warning: child abuse, character bashing, and pureblood society.
HP  Series  ravenclaw!harry  goblin  a:BakenandEggs  friendship  family!Malfoys  SIP 
september 2016
It's OK Not To Be OK (But I Promise, I'm Trying) - Promise Series
First in the Promise series. AU from the end of PoA. When McGonagall finds out what Dumbledore condemned Harry to by leaving him with the Dursleys all those years ago, she is determined to do something.
HP  Harry/Ginny  family  Minerva  Series  a:rayrae118  400-450k  h/c  angst  Animagus  romance  drama 
august 2016
A New Path
Harry's encounter with the family of a boy his age who comes to visit his relatives changes his life. Meeting the boy again at Hogwarts sets Harry on the path to magic and knowledge long forgotten and into a power struggle beyond his comprehension. AU
HP  AU  adventure  drama  90-95k  a:mirroreddark  Complete 
august 2016
Fixing Past Mistakes
Harry didn't appear at Hogwarts causing concern. Albus immediately head's out to Privet Drive to find out what was going on, along with Minerva and a reluctant Severus Snape. What they find out changes everything for everyone in the wizarding world. Is there a chance for anyone to go back and fix past mistakes? is there any hope at all for the magical world? cover pic - Harry's cub
HP  Severitis  TimeTravel  200-220k  WIP  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan 
august 2016
Sympathetic Magic
Harry and Ron discover there is more to their friendship than anyone knew, including themselves...
HP  Harry/RonW  angst  humor  a:shedoc  Complete  190-200k 
june 2016
Serpent Tattoo by: alliekatgal
Harry finally confronts Severus with his wish to know the real Severus Snape. As their relationship progresses, they discover that Harry has a unique connection to the elemental forces of the earth.
HP  Harry/Snape  Ron-bashing  a:alliekatgal  Complete  35-40k 
april 2016
What does the future hold for a savior who has fallen from grace? SS/HP
HP  Harry/Snape  a:LinW(nestinghedwig)  Complete  50-55k 
april 2016
His Mothers Eyes
When Arabella Figg defies Albus Dumbledore, Severus takes his chance at redemption. SS/OC
HP  Severitis  15-20k  Complete  a:LinW(nestinghedwig) 
april 2016
Did You Know? - WyrdSmith
Lord Potter has entered the political arena well-trained, knowledgeable, savvy, and counting amongst his arsenal a host of stunning secrets about various members of the magickal world. See how many times the powerful Lords of Wizarding Great Britain can be shocked stupid during a single court case! Some of the revelations are simply hilarious. For instance, did you know that Dumbledore ...!
HP  Harry/Lucius  a:WyrdSmith  romance  bonding  humor  OOC  strong!Harry  smart!Harry 
april 2016
The Found Note
Harry gets detention, and finds a note tucked into one of the old essays. As usual, his curiosity gets the better of him, and gets him into trouble. Can he cope in his new role as Probationary Instructor of DADA? And what's he going to do when he starts to realize he's not as straight as everyone assumed, and this ticks off his best friend?
HP  Harry/Snape  drama  romance  Ron-bashing  50-55k  Complete  a:FatesMistake 
april 2016
A Desperate Cry for Help
After the Department of Mysteries Fiasco, all Harry wants to do is grieve in peace. Unfortunately for him, his friends and family are going to do anything in their power to keep that from happening. The beatings Harry received before the start of 3rd year have started up again now that Sirius is gone. Will his friends be there for him or will he make new friends?
HP  Harry/Voldemort  Harry/Draco  first_time  bad!Dumbledore  Ron-bashing  manipulative!Dumbles  a:vernie_klein  180-190k 
march 2016
Discovering Magic
At dinner before the World Cup, Bill does something strange that shocks and angers Molly. What did he do? Why does it make Ron think he's a Dark Wizard? Harry asks these questions and more as he slowly learns things he never knew about Magic, and comes to know and count on Bill during his trying 4th year, and beyond.
HP  Harry/BillW  romance  friendship  30-35k  a:TheArtisticFool 
march 2016
Lessons Learned
This story is my AU of Harry’s sixth year because I was hoping the death of Sirius might prompt more thought and maturity instead of anger and resentment. Harry spends the summer thinking then comes back to school with a new outlook.
HP  Harry/Draco  Severitis  100-110k  Complete  a:wileycoyote 
march 2016
Andromeda - Alania_Black
Trapped further from home than most of the planet could imagine, with an ancient enemy waking and feeding across the galaxy, the it was expected that Sentinels would awaken among the members of the Atlantis mission. But after everything he has experienced, John Sheppard never expected to come online in Atlantis.

Guides only come online when there is a compatible Sentinel nearby that they can bond with. So, when Rodney McKay felt his Guide abilities start to emerge, he knew there was a Sentinel somewhere on the city for him - but he never expected that Sentinel would be John Sheppard.

Together, the two of them have to come to terms with their newly forming relationship, a ravenous enemy and mysteries that will take them into the heart of the Andromeda galaxy.
SGA  fusion  Sentinel  BDSM  McKay/Sheppard  10-15k  a:Alania_Black  Complete 
march 2016
Turning Tides
Harry takes charge of his own life and takes his seats on the Wizengamot with Hermione and Ron's help. He meets new people and makes some new allies, including the gorgeous, mysterious Mikhail Zabini. Harry/OMC
HP  romance  Harry/Other  90-95k  independant!Harry  a:slayer_of_destiny 
february 2016
Harry Potter and the Secrets Revealed
Post OOTP: Ginny overhears something and decides to take control of her life. Harry makes some life changes. The results: a panicked Albus, Remus out for revenge, and a confident Neville. and sequel
HP  drama  65-70k  Harry/Ginny  a:know-it-all-bookworm 
february 2016
Harry's Ducky
Dumbledore’s plans for Harry will not work as expected with Dr Donald Mallard in the frame. HP/NCIS crossover - complete
HP  NCIS  Crossover  family  Ducky  adventure  90-95k  a:DrusillaDax 
february 2016
The Change
AR-Bill and Charlie have been hinting all year that they are interested. Harry decides to look like he wants to, for once. Rated M for slash, language, mpreg with a side order of Bill/Severus.
HP  Harry/CharlieW  romance  humor  Snape/BillW  40-45k  Complete  mpreg 
february 2016
Hiding in Plain Sight
AR - Even though Voldemort is gone, there are still threats to Harry's life, the Dursleys amongst them. A rescue is planned, but when a certain redhead's heart is captured, does he want it back?
HP  Harry/CharlieW  mpreg  romance  30-35k  Complete  a:marksmom 
february 2016
The Bond
Major AR-The Ministry creates and enforces a new Marriahplash, mpreg, language and descriptions of abuse. Sirius alive, also FW/DM. *NOW COMPLETE!*
HP  Harry/CharlieW  romance  h/c  15-20k  Complete  a:marksmom  mpreg 
february 2016
Blood Ties
The summer between 4th and 5th year is not a good one for Harry and something is discovered that makes it even worse.
HP  Harry/BillW  75-80k  h/c  romance  a:marksmom 
february 2016
The Soul Mate
AR - The Dursleys have left Harry waiting at Kings Cross. Where will Harry go? And what happens once he gets there? Rated M for language, future slash, future mpreg and child abuse.
HP  Harry/CharlieW  romance  h/c  90-95k  a:marksmom 
february 2016
Not My Son
The Potters survive Voldemort's attack only to divorce soon after. James dies not long after that, on a mission, and Harry goes to live with his mother and her husband-Severus Snape. Severus hated James and carries it over onto his does this affect Harry in the long run? And what happens when something unforeseen happens to the small boy?
HP  15-20k  angst  h/c  Severitis  family  a:marksmom  Complete 
february 2016
To Save a Soul
Harry's second year has not turned out the way he wanted. Everybody hates him because he can talk to snakes, and Lockeheart has gone all weird on him, so weird that Harry begins to fear what it's all about. He has no one to turn to, no one but Snape.
HP  Severitis  a:Angel_of_the_day  h/c  angst  80-85k 
february 2016
Vindiciae Nuptia
AR-After destroying Voldemort, Harry discovers a plot to keep him under the control of the Ministry. What can be done and how can Bill Weasley help?
HP  Harry/BillW  mpreg  35-40k  romance  h/c  a:marksmom  Complete 
february 2016
Cooking Lesson
Lucius Malfoy need help, he goes to his best friend, Severus Snape, Harry Potter is in detention. Severus and Harry start on a path that will lead to cooking lessons and changing the world, its all in a days work. rating will go up as chapters go on, high rating for language. The plot will twist and turn and hold you fast never to let go.
HP  Harry/Snape  75-80k  WIP  a:mrscakeakajane  humor  romance 
february 2016
Long Live The Queen C
With Harry Potter's hearing for Underage Use of Magic looming, and Sirius Black hunted for a crime he didn't commit and was never tried for, Harry reaches out to Her Majesty the Queen for help, with unexpected results. No ships. AU starting Ch 6-9 OotP, No HBP, No DH, No Horcruxes.
HP  family  Sirius  AU  a:offsides  170-180k  Complete 
february 2016
The Dead Potions Master
Someone killed Snape and Amelia is stumped, so she calls in the new team from America to help figure it out. Set in Harry's first year.
NCIS  HP  Crossover  crime  25-30k  Complete  a:fairywm 
january 2016
I Wasn’t Waiting for You » Jilly James
Hotch is an unbonded guide with no interest in finding his sentinel. He prefers it with the BAU, and a sentinel could get in the way. Tony is able to function highly as an unbonded sentinel, and he’s fine with the situation the way it is. When their paths cross while Hotch works a case in New York, their disinterest is put to the test, especially when Hotch is in the path of a killer.
NCIS  Criminal_Minds  Sentinel  fusion  DiNozzo/Hotchner  10-15k  Complete  a:JillyJames 
january 2016
In This Life
Harry was adopted by a couple who move to America. His adopted parents die leaving him with his adopted uncle who abuses him. He attends Forks high school, meets the Cullen's who show him how good life can be. Sirius finds out where Harry is in the nick of time. He's adopted by Sev and Sirius, just as his parents and twin enter his life. He shows them the door. A war is brewing...
HP  Twilight  Crossover  Harry/EdwardC  130-140k  Complete  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  adoption  family  Severitis  Sirius 
december 2015
Session Transcripts
What happens when a brain damaged Harry and a transgender Hermione both get sorted into Slytherin? Snape's not sure, but he thinks it's likely to be an interesting term. This story follows various first years through the trials of their first year.
HP  Severitis  Slytherin!Harry  h/c  friendship  child_abuse  120-130k  WIP 
december 2015
It Starts
Under pressure, Harry goes missing for six months, he comes back a different person. He's is in control. Hermione does not like being second best, Ginny is depressed, Daphne is totaly loving it all.
HP  a:PadfootInChains  Harry/DaphneG  50-55k  strong!Harry  independant!Harry 
december 2015
Harry Potter: the Other Child
When everyone thinks Harry's brother is the BWL, Harry rises from the shadow of the brother to become more than anyone expected.
HP  110-120k  Harry/Ginny  twin  romance  strong!Harry  a:Ryders_on_the_Storm 
december 2015
Silence / The Price of Sanity is Silence
After the battle is lost and won, there is little left but grief and smoke, but the breaking of dawn brings the next challenge, and the next. In the aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts, there is healing to be done.
prequal At the end of Harry's horrific fifth year he is more broken and his magic more wild than ever before. Its more than the Dursleys can handle; Harry looses the last remnant of his parent's magic, the Blood Wards, the Battle for Number Four begins. ABANDONED
HP  h/c  Harry/Snape  friendship  a:MountainRose  drama  150-160k 
november 2015
Harry Potter and the Freedom of Flight
At 11, Harry Potter is about to be set free. Neglected and weakened by his relatives, once his parents' old crew have him, they are not going to let him go back. Strongly AU, Sci-Fi, Mentor!Snape,
HP  a:MountainRose  Sci-Fi  Severitis  h/c  95-100k 
november 2015
A Quidditch summer / A Fiery Year
Summer before fifth year Harry gets an invitation to a Quidditch camp all the way in America. The thing is, they don’t only teach Quidditch, but magic as well. Meet Harry's new team the IG's AU
Sequel to A Quidditch Summer. Harry returns to Hogwarts for fifth year, the marauders are teaching, and at last the world knows that Voldemort has returned. The second war will start and its only OWL year.
HP  Harry/Other  Series  Complete  a:deathy-cool  romance  adventure  strong!Harry  90-95k 
november 2015
Harry Potter and the Ties of Blood
On a dark summer night, Harry walks straight into a situation that will change his life forever when a strangely familiar vampire saves from him a Death Eater. AU sixth year; some Canon; no pairings as yet. ABANDONED - if anyone wishes to pick this up, let me know.
HP  a:WolfMoon  vampire  family  110-120k 
october 2015
Becoming Lord Potter-Black
On his sixteenth birthday, Harry gets a letter that tells him that there is more about being an Heir than he thinks.There are certain rules and etiquettes to follow. He learns that not everything is as simple as it seems and decides that he will do everything he can to create choices for everyone. Mild Dumbledore-bashing. No pairing Rated T to be safe. Some mentions of child abuse.
HP  a:Dolceconbrio  family  friendship  80-85k  Dumble-bashing 
october 2015
Coming In From The Cold
AU: Harry, abandoned on the streets of London when he was nine, now has a large black dog following him everywhere.
HP  a:ahappyjtm  drama  AU  adventure  130-140k 
october 2015
Learning to Love
Post PoA. Vernon gets sent to a conference in DC. Something happens, and Harry meets the NCIS team, who become determined to show him what family really is. How will the tournament go when Harry has someone who cares?
HP  NCIS  Crossover  25-30k  Dumble-bashing  a:Lightningwolf325 
september 2015
Emancipation - BadGirlgoesworse
What are dependents left to do when betrayed by those they trusted most, but to find a way to become masters in their own right. Set after Department of Mysteries fiasco in Order of the Phoenix.
HP  Harry/Snape  a:BadGirlgoesworse  130-140k  Complete  AU  independant!Harry  strong!Harry  Dumble-bashing  Ron-bashing  emancipation 
september 2015
The Earth Phoenix
Ten-year-old Harry Potter suddenly finds out that he is an earth phoenix, and a very old friend takes him under her wing. Very AU! Main persons: Harry Potter, M.McGonagall, S.Snape, Gwendolyn Gryffindor sister of Godric , N.Longbottom, H.Granger...
HP  creature!fic  15-20k  Complete  a:teddylonglong 
september 2015
Phoenix and Unicorn
(COMPLETE)Harry and Draco have a special destiny. They will find love and join to defeat evil with the help of Ron and Hermione at their side. Slash malemale and Sirius is not dead in this one.pairs HPDM HGRW RLSB SSOC
HP  a:kungzoune  Harry/Draco  romance  adventure  creature!fic  vampire  elven  mpreg  100-110k  Complete 
september 2015
The Coven of Number 16, Magnolia Crescent Chapter 1: Lighting Matches, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Harry never got his Hogwarts letter, but he is magical. He is taken in by his best friend's mom and taught how to focus, listen to the unseen, and do yoga. Then Hogwarts finds the young spirit healer and yogi...
HP  a:P.L.S  drama  fantasy  Severitis  15-20k  Complete 
september 2015
The Avenging Auror
August 2009 – the Head of the Auror Department at the Ministry of Magic Apparates to Washington, D.C. //Harry Potter-NCIS crossover with mention of slash//
HP  NCIS  Crossover  a:DrusillaDax  h/c  family  80-85k  Complete 
september 2015
My Mate
Severus Snape finds out that Harry Potter is his mate, Sev is a vampire and has not been in the UK for years. Watch as Severus gains the trust of Harry! smart Harry! Slytherin Ginny GW/DM SS/HP both vampires
HP  Harry/Snape  vampire  70-75k  Complete  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  smart!Harry 
august 2015
Dumbledore's Secret
Albus Dumbledore has a big secret. One that will shock Harry Potter and not for the better. Evil Dumbledore! Dark Harry! AU! HPSS DMBZ KSRL HGBL in later chapters.
HP  dark:Harry  bad!Dumbledore  55-60k  a:AngelDustFury  Harry/Snape 
august 2015
Wolf's son
Harry's twin is thought to be the boy-who-lived and his parents neglect him. Someone else is also feeling neglected. One night Harry disappears along with Sirius's spouse and child. Years later,Dumbledore does something stupid.Dumbles is going down! Slash
HP  a:TeWahineAniwaniwa  family  twin  drama  50-55k  Complete  bad!Dumbledore 
august 2015
The Twin
AU. Takes place in a world where Harry has a twin and his parents never died.
HP  drama  45-50k  a:altiversewatcher  AU  Slytherin!Harry  twin 
august 2015
My Precious Mate
Harry is dying, Hedwig flees trying to find some help. Eventually Severus realizes Harry is his mate, turns him and trains him and his friends for the war in his manor. They come back stronger than ever to finish it once and for all.
HP  Harry/Snape  vampire  35-40k  a:DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan  Complete 
august 2015
Have Chrome, Will Travel
Albus Dumbledore has been looking for his young charge for a long time, he is being assaulted on all sides by those who are looking for the young man he lost so long ago. He has taken a final desperate gamble with the coming of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, he wanted Harry Potter… the Chrome Wizard has come! Betaed by the amazing pazed!
HP  a:Deadlandmarshal  adventure  family  140-150k  WIP 
august 2015
Harry is not content to hear how he is "perfectly safe" and turns to the only adult he feels he can trust. Sirius helps him gain his animagus form, its down hill for the bad guys after that. Then one shock after another leads to a new life for Harry and his three 'Uncles". No pairings yet. For missgsmith51 who picked the animagus form.
HP  a:gredandforgerock  adventure  90-95k  Complete  Dumble-bashing 
august 2015
Harry Prongs Tatum
They left him on a doorstep and he wandered away.Features Independent Stubborn Harry and pokes fun at the foibles of the magical world.Rating for occasional language.
HP  a:silverfawkes  strong!Harry  85-90k 
august 2015
Harry Potter and the Time Twist
Harry was betrayed by Ron after defeating Voldemort and now he, Draco and Severus have gone back in time to change the future and to save lives. Slytherin Harry, nice Malfoys, Mentor Severus, Ron bashing. AU
HP  a:Coin_ofLight_andDarkness  TimeTravel  Severitis  good!Malfoy  Slytherin!Harry  adventure  friendship  Ron-bashing 
july 2015
A Revelation
Features a super powered Harry with lots of money, titles and all that rot. Its meant to entertain those who like those stories and bash my least favorite JKR chars. Harmony all the way. Minor Revisi
HP  author_site  humor  Harry/Hermione  85-90k  Complete  a:MSgtSilverDollar 
july 2015
Takes place the Summer before third year. A chance meeting with a former Death Eater reveals some startiling truths. Disclaimer: I do not own anything Harry Potter.
HP  Harry/Hermione  strong!Harry  bad!Dumbledore  Dumble-bashing  130-140k  a:Rohata 
july 2015
Things Fall Apart, But Then You Build Again
Summary: Harry thinks everything is perfect. He has three beautiful children, a great wife. Ron is married to Hermione and they also have two kids. It is all perfect, just the way it should be. Then how can a new diet change everything and why is Malfoy in his living-room? Ignores Epilogue.
HP  Harry/Ginny  Harry/Draco  a:Zelda_of_Arel  angst  tragedy  romance  AU  first_time  h/c  70-75k 
june 2015
Blood Matters
When Dark Secrets come to Light, Harry is forced to re-examine everything he thought previously and learns that blood does matter. Warning for Dumbledore, Molly. Ginny, Hermione and Ron bashing . Warnings: Slash, extreme AU and OCCness Features sick!Harry in the beginning!
HP  family  dark:Harry  Dumble-bashing  Molly-bashing  Ginny-bashing  Hermione-bashing  Ron-bashing  AU  OOC  95-100k  a:BloodyRedQueen 
june 2015
Insidious Inquisitor
Harry Potter is dosed with Veritaserum by Dolores Umbridge. Afterwards his entire world is turned upside down. - Set during fifth year; Harry/Susan/Hannah
HP  a:Yunaine  Harry/SusanB/HannahA  humor  Dumble-bashing  Complete  10-15k 
june 2015
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a:zx14ninja abuse action adoption adventure angst animagus anti-mcgee anti-ziva au author_site azkaban bad!dumbledore bdsm bonding brian/justin character_death child_abuse christmas complete crack creature!fic crime criminal_minds crossover cutofffromearth dadt dark:harry declassification dinozzo/hotchner dinozzo/omc disability dobby draco/other dragons drama ducky due_south dumble-bashing elven emancipation established_relationship family family!malfoys fantasy fic_rec first_time fluff friendship fusion gen gibbs gibbs/dinozzo gibbs/martinf gibbs/ziva ginny-bashing goblin good!draco good!lucius good!malfoy good!riddle grey:harry guardian!snape h/c h5o harry/bella harry/billw harry/charliew harry/daphneg harry/draco harry/edwardc harry/fleur harry/gabrielle/hermione harry/ginny harry/ginny/luna harry/hermione harry/hermione/luna harry/lucius harry/lv harry/meganj harry/multi harry/other harry/ron harry/ronw harry/snape harry/snape/lucius harry/snape/riddle harry/susanb harry/susanb/hannaha harry/tonks harry/voldemort harvey/mike hermione-bashing hermione/snape horror hp humor independant!harry jack/daniel jacko/tonyd jim/blair jim/omc kidfic kink law&order:svu long lorne/omc manipulative!dumbles mckay/shepherd mckay/sheppard minerva molly-bashing mpreg mystery ncis ncis-la neglect ooc past_abuse post_hogwarts pre-slash qaf r:***** rape ravenclaw!harry remusl romance ron-bashing roughtrade sci-fi sentient/atlantis sentinel sentinels_known series severitis severus sg1 sga sip sirius slytherin!harry smart!harry snape/billw snape/lucius steve/danny strong!harry suits supernatural suspense the_west_wing timetravel tragedy tree twilight twin vampire veela via:aqua_eyes violence voldemort:family weasley-bashing werewolves wip

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