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Venice Biennale - Frame Finland
Finland is seeking project proposals that examine independence as something formed through complex processes of dependence – ranging from natural resources and labour, language and religion to geopolitics, international commerce and law. The logic of exclusion, forgetting and silencing, is also to be recognised as foundational in the construction of national identity.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence in 2017, we face an urgent need to reflect on how this is enfolded within the many histories as well as possible futures in a global realm ravaged today by many simultaneous, intertwined crises. The Pavilion of Finland, located in the Giardini in Venice, offers an acute critical context for this reflection.
finland  venicebiennale  independence  dependence  globalism  crisis  forgetting  extrastatecraft  sisu  art  artworld 
november 2015 by quarry

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