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DIY Branding and Design | The New School
"You have all the tools you need to express our commitment to creativity, collaboration, and innovation in graphic form. Below are the three cornerstones of the new visual identity system."
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may 2016 by quarry
The New Store – The New School | thenewstore.nyc
"What makes New School merchandise so special? It is our one of a kind typeface designed just for us. It’s called "Neue" and is unlike any conventional font. In fact, it breaks all the font-like rules. After all, at The New School we are always rethinking and reinventing convention. That is why our 5 schools are renowned for world changing creativity.

Our system brings together letters in different widths to create distinctive impressions, and the red letters are our very own Pantone color called Parsons Red. This specially designed system means each item is as unique as you are."
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may 2016 by quarry

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