An app for modifying the Time Machine backup schedule.
time-machine  macos 
12 days ago
Complexity and Strategy – Hacker Noon
Great article about complexity in the context of development of the Office suite.
microsoft  microsoft-office  programming  software-development 
17 days ago
Resize all Safari windows with AppleScript — Nick Charlton
Someone with a similar frustration as me comes up with a solution.
window-management  safari  applescript 
18 days ago
macOS app to eject drives when the system goes to sleep.
macos  external-drives 
27 days ago
Fleeting Sleep Trigger
Overview of what scheduling is possible on a sleep event.
projects  project:remote-time-machine 
27 days ago
This app runs scripts on certain events, including sleep.
projects  project:remote-time-machine 
27 days ago
lion - Possible to run scripts on sleep and wake? - Ask Different
Answers to a question about running scripts on entry and exit of sleep mode.
projects  project:remote-time-machine 
27 days ago
macos - MacBook Pro with lid closed goes back to sleep right after scheduled wakeup - Ask Different
This question doesn't have an answer but does have some information about how the wake scheduler interacts with sleep mode.
projects  project:remote-time-machine 
27 days ago
InsomniaX | semaja2
This app allows for custom control of how sleep mode works.
projects  project:remote-time-machine 
27 days ago
NoSleep Extension
The NoSleep extension, possibly incompatible with newer versions of macOS.
project:remote-time-machine  projects 
27 days ago
Lingon - Peter Borg Apps
Neat looking tool for creating plists for launchd.
projects  project:remote-time-machine 
27 days ago
How to clean the keyboard of your MacBook or MacBook Pro - Apple Support
Instructions on how to clean an Apple laptop that uses butterfly switches.
repair  macbook-pro  apple 
4 weeks ago
How to change the expiration date of a GPG key | G-Loaded Journal
Information on how to change the expiration date of a GPG key.
privacy  pgp  gpg  security 
5 weeks ago
GPG: Strong Keys, Rotation, and Keybase | sungo.wtf
Companion tutorial to Mike English’s tutorial explaining how to use subkeys with Keybase.
privacy  pgp  gpg  security 
5 weeks ago
Generating More Secure GPG Keys: A Step-by-Step Guide
Nice, detailed explanation of how to use subkeys together with a master keypair.
privacy  pgp  gpg  security 
5 weeks ago
How to Buy a New House in Japan
Information on purchasing property in Japan.
japan  property 
7 weeks ago
Raspberry Pi Email Server | samhobbs.co.uk
Good looking series of tutorials for setting a Raspberry Pi up as a mail server.
server  tutorial  email  raspberry-pi 
august 2017
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