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Optical Effects of Special Relativity - YouTube
What the world would look like if you went very fast (or lowered the speed of light).
physics  relativity  simulation  animation  video  youtube  science 
october 2011 by pw201
YouTube - Roll a D6
Just in case there's anyone who hasn't seen this yet...
video  youtube  music  dungeons-and-dragons  roleplaying 
may 2011 by pw201
OK, so remixing videos of Pentecostal services is like shooting fish in a barrel, but you've got to love the person who though of turning it into an 90s video game.
funny  pentecostal  video  youtube  charismatic  christianity 
march 2011 by pw201
YouTube - crazy watering can
Sort of Russell's Teapot with some bite: a brilliantly edited video. Apparently done as a homework assignment: can you do this stuff on home equipment these days? via mefi.
religion  crazy  watering-can  video  youtube  teapot  russell 
january 2011 by pw201
YouTube - Sam Harris - The Witchcraft Argument (By SecularSwede)
Harris gets it. Not sure on his stuff on morality, but this is a good analogy for how I feel about religion.
sam-harris  harris  religion  youtube  witchcraft 
november 2010 by pw201
YouTube - They're Made Out Of Meat
Video version of a classic sci-fi short story.
video  youtube  scifi  funny  meat  aliens 
august 2010 by pw201
YouTube - What Atheists Can Learn from the LGBT Movement :: 2010 Secular Student Alliance Annual Conference
Greta Christina gives an hour long talk, which is pretty interesting. One thing I learned was that I probably wouldn't want to live in America, if atheists there have it as bad as LGBT people, though I suppose a lot of it depends on where you are and who you mix with. Interesting bit at the end on how if atheists "win", atheism won't mean you're special, super-rational or whatever: I think we can see that in this country, certainly.
homosexuality  lgbt  atheism  greta-christina  video  youtube 
august 2010 by pw201
YouTube - Top 10 quirky science tricks for parties
I like the one about pouring CO2 onto candles to extinguish them.
science  youtube  magic  video  tricks  physics  chemistry 
july 2010 by pw201
FIREFLY: The Credits Sequence It Deserved! gives Joss Whedon's "Firefly' an 80s style intro sequence. Still not as good as Airwolf's, but a good effort.
video  funny  youtube  television  firefly  intro 
july 2010 by pw201
YouTube - Carl Sagan: A Universe Not Made For Us
"Excerpts from Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space. More specifically, from the chapter titled A Universe Not Made For Us. I edited together the audio from the audio-book, and added the video from Stephen Hawking's Into the Universe and Brian Cox's Wonders of the Solar System. The music is Jack's Theme from the Lost soundtrack."
cosmology  astronomy  sagan  science  evolution  universe  video  youtube  religion  creationism 
july 2010 by pw201
YouTube - The Daily Mail Song
Shooting fish in a barrel,but still funny.
video  music  youtube  funny  satire  humour  mail  news  newspapers  daily-mail  dan 
march 2010 by pw201
YouTube - Finite Simple Group (of Order Two)
Maths filk is funny: this one is oddly sweet, although I also groaned at various points.
music  video  youtube  humour  mathematics  funny  maths  acapella 
march 2010 by pw201
Chris Wood - atheist spiritual - Come Down Jehovah
Chris Wood's atheist spiritual/folk song, which I quite liked. HT to Andrew Rilstone.
youtube  video  music  atheism  folk  religion  jehovah 
january 2010 by pw201
George Carlin - Religion is bullshit.
Carlin's classic routine on religion, in which he tells us how he worships the Sun and Joe Pesci. May be "strident".
religion  video  youtube  funny  atheism  humour  god  carlin  comedy 
november 2009 by pw201
The Open Road London (1927)
Colour footage of London in 1927. Pretty amazing stuff.
london  video  history  youtube  archive 
november 2009 by pw201
Mitchell and Webb - Stalin Vs Hitler (arguing the moral toss)
"Welcome to Arguing the Moral Toss". You know who else said that: Hitler!
hitler  stalin  mitchell-and-webb  funny  video  youtube  morality  humour  debate 
november 2009 by pw201
A life changed by evidence
Series of videos by a former evangelical Christian explaining why he became an atheist. Well produced and informative stuff. The chap makes a palpable effort to show how he was a Christian and how, for much of the time before his deconversion, he thought the things he was learning could be incorporated into Christianity rather than working against it.
video  youtube  de-conversion  christianity  evangelicalism  bible  morality 
november 2009 by pw201
That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E
When someone comes in with a vague sense of unease or a touch of the nerves, or even just more money than sense, we'll be there for them, bottle of basically just water in one hand, and a huge invoice in the other.
homeopathy  medicine  satire  science  humour  video  funny  youtube 
july 2009 by pw201
Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version
So there's this thing where you take a pop video and then change the lyrics to describe what's going on in the video. Turns out it's pretty funny.
music  video  youtube  funny  humour  facebook  literal 
may 2009 by pw201
Why We Believe in Gods - Andy Thomson
How human cognitive faculties give rise to religious beliefs. Not a proof that religion in false, of course, but explanation for how it persists despite it.
atheism  religion  video  psychology  youtube  cognition  cognitive-bias 
april 2009 by pw201
Hitler's BNP membership gets leaked
It's another subtitled parody of the bunker scene in The Downfall, this one about the leaking of the BNP's membership list. "I should have joined UKIP instead". Very funny.
youtube  video  parody  nazis  humour  funny  bnp  nick-griffin  hitler  downfall 
november 2008 by pw201
10 Signs of Intelligent Life at YouTube | MetaFilter
Links to worthwhile videos on YouTube: lectures from authors and intellectuals, that kind of thing.
youtube  Video  metafilter  education  google  talks 
december 2007 by pw201
James Randi exposes Uri Geller and Peter Popoff
Randi's video, including Geller on the Tonight Show, unable to do his trick when others supply the props.
magic  video  youtube  randi  geller  popoff  psychics  religion 
september 2007 by pw201
YouTube - Re: Jesus loves you
"but his Dad thinks you're a shit" - the Gospel explained. Two Ways To Live was never like this.
atheism  funny  humour  religion  jesus  gospel  video  youtube 
september 2007 by pw201

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