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When Women Stopped Coding : Planet Money : NPR
I remember seeing a photo of an old-ish computer surrounded by its programming team in the computing museum at Bletchley Park. Most of the team were women. This blog/podcast looks at what happened in the USA.
women  coding  computers  feminism  sexism  technology 
november 2014 by pw201
Driscoll & Brierley on Women in Leadership « Cognitive Discopants
Well known complementarian and fan of big strong manly men, Mark Driscoll, recently did an interview with Justin Brierley of Premier Christian Radio. Driscoll came out with a few choice quotes about Christians in the UK (“guys in dresses preaching to grandmas”).

He then had a go at Brierley for going to a church run by a woman (Brierley's wife!) and not believing in penal substitutionary atonement and eternal conscious torment in Hell (Brierley is an annihilationist: we unsaved will be told off and then vapourised rather then being tortured forever). Fun times.
homosexuality  premier  christian  radio  complementarianism  mark-driscoll  religion  church  mark  driscoll  christianity  women  sexism  markdriscoll 
january 2012 by pw201
What Do Women Want? - Discovering What Ignites Female Desire -
Interesting stuff on the differences between male and female sexual responses.
sex  psychology  women  science 
april 2011 by pw201
Double agent | World news | The Guardian
"Norah Vincent spent 18 months disguised as a man. She relives the boys nights out, the bad dates - and what happened when she ended up in bed with another woman." Women don't quite know what dating is like as a guy, it turns out. Or at least, Norah didn't, and ended up being quite sympathetic when she'd tried it :-)
equality  gender  women  men  dating  sex  relationships 
january 2011 by pw201
Boring men?
In response to a Metafilter posting linking to an article about how all men are boring, Mefi user Pastabagel shares their idea of what it would be like if men responded to women asking what was on their minds.
funny  metafilter  relationships  sex  women  boring 
april 2010 by pw201
Evangelicals warn: women bishops will 'put men off ordination' - Times Online
"They have girl cooties," a spokesman for the Doctrinal Rectitude Trust said today.
evangelicalism  christianity  religion  women  ordination  reformed 
february 2010 by pw201
The Women’s Crusade -
How helping women in poor countries helps everyone.
women  feminism  politics  third-world  development 
august 2009 by pw201
Three Chick Flicks and Their Unintended Message
It's OK for women to cheat if your male partner is a bit dull.
culture  funny  movies  film  psychology  rationality  women  society  marriage  Sex 
july 2007 by pw201
The London car-bomb plot was designed to kill women. - By Christopher Hitchens - Slate Magazine
Hitchens on a plausible motivation for putting the London car bombs near a night club.
islam  terrorism  women  hitchens  politics 
july 2007 by pw201

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