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Charlie Hebdo: the danger of polarised debate | Gary Younge | Comment is free | The Guardian
"Those who claim that Islam is “inherently”violent are more hateful, but no less nonsensical, than those who claim it is “inherently” peaceful. The insistence that these hateful acts are refuted by ancient texts makes as much sense as insisting they are supported by them. Islam, like any religion, isn’t “inherently” anything but what people make of it. A small but significant minority have decided to make it violent."
islam  religion  violence  charlie-hebdo 
january 2015 by pw201
God & Sandy Hook | Talking Philosophy
Mike LaBossiere wrote my blog post for me: he talks about Mike Huckabee's response and the two ways to take it (either as an assertion that God judged America or as a statement about moral education) and notes that in either case, God doesn't really come out well.
huckabee  mike-huckabee  violence  shooting  sandy-hook  philosophy  christian  religion  theodicy 
december 2012 by pw201
Open letter to violent Muslim protestors | The Chronicle
"I really don’t understand how my fellow Muslims do not see that, with their reactions, they actually prove what has been said about them by their enemies. You call my religion evil or terrorism and, in order to “disprove” this insult, I will go kill people, burn embassies, act like a bloodthirsty crazy person…. Don’t you fellow Muslims see the ridiculousness of this logic and actions! The uncivilized images of these violent protests by these irresponsible and violent Muslims shape the image of 1.6 billion Muslims all around the world. "
violence  religion  terrorism  quran  islam 
march 2012 by pw201
Johann Hari: Did the media help to pull the trigger? - Johann Hari, Commentators - The Independent
"Every time there is a massacre by a mentally ill person, like Derrick Bird's last month, journalists are warned by psychologists that, if we are not very careful in our reporting, we will spur copycat attacks by more mentally ill people. We ignored their warnings. We reported the case in precisely the way they said was most risky. Are we now seeing the result?"
murder  psychology  crime  ethics  guns  journalism  media  violence  uk  suicide 
july 2010 by pw201
Thoughts on Urban Survival
An Argentinian gives top tops on how to survive the collapse of a modern society.
survival  argentina  economics  guns  violence  crime  ferfal 
september 2008 by pw201
No more singing policemen | Martin Samuel - Times Online
"The police keep abdicating their responsibility: to protect us from violent yobs" Coppers commenting say they're hamstrung, but it's clear a sea change is needed.
police  crime  violence  street-crime  politics  chav 
january 2008 by pw201

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