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Ken MacLeod – Socialism and transhumanism
"The challenge for humanists and liberals in the face of a transhuman future is daunting: to replace the socialist project — or to revive it. Without something like it to underpin a sense of common human identity and common human interest, people will divide on the basis of other identities. Many on the left, of course, have found in identity politics a replacement for the universalism of their past. But identity can also be seized on by the far right. It can feed a resentful indifference to the plight of others that comes from having one’s own plight disregarded."
socialism  politics  transhumanism  ken-macleod  identity-politics  humanism 
may 2015 by pw201
philosophy bites: Nick Bostrom on the Simulation Argument
"Nick Bostrom doesn't rule out the possibility that he might be part of a computer simulation. Find out why in this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast." Hard to fault the argument, as far as I can tell, though I should probably check how people have responded to it.
philosophy  computers  consciousness  simulation  nick-bostrom  transhumanism 
august 2011 by pw201

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