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Why Some Men Pretend to Work 80-Hour Weeks - HBR
Interesting research into the sort of place where you're expected to be available all the time and work all the hours. Some successful men found ways to "pass" i.e. to appear they were hard workers while finding time for other things (like their families). Women tended to ask explicitly for allowances to be made for child care and their careers suffered for it.
work  hours  time  employment  sexism  feminism 
may 2015 by pw201
Physics - Arrow of Time Emerges in a Gravitational System
"Standard approaches to the arrow of time typically require a rare statistical fluctuation, or, often, the smuggling in of assumptions about initial conditions. Their work offers evidence that ordinary gravitational dynamics may itself be enough to produce the simple “initial” point that can give time a direction."
entropy  time  physics  gravity 
december 2014 by pw201
The Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang
Ted Chiang's short about memory, time and loss. It's also an alien first contact story.
heptapod  story  science-fiction  time  ted-chiang  sci-fi  language  first-contact  memory 
october 2013 by pw201
Putting Time In Perspective
Nice little timelines zooming out from the day to human history to evolutionary history to the history of the Universe.
time  physics  universe  evolution 
september 2013 by pw201
moot wins, Time Inc. loses « Music Machinery
How Anonymous hacked the Time "Most influential person" poll.
funny  news  4chan  hack  captcha  recaptcha  anonymous  security  time 
april 2009 by pw201

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