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The Deadlock Empire
A nice little web game where you try to break a threaded program by executing a critical section in two threads at once. It's pretty neat.
programming  threads  concurrency  locks  game 
february 2016 by pw201
Embedded in Academia : Nine ways to break your systems code using volatile
"The volatile qualifier in C/C++ is a little bit like the C preprocessor: an ugly, blunt tool that is easy to misuse but that — in a very narrow set of circumstances — gets the job done. This article will first briefly explain volatile and its history and then, through a series of examples about how not to use it, explain how to most effectively create correct systems software using volatile. Although this article focuses on C, almost everything in it also applies to C++." Relevant to my interests as compilers get cleverer about re-ordering.
volatile  embedded  programming  C  threads  multicore  memory-model 
november 2011 by pw201

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