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Justin Schieber on Twitter: "Nobody just lacks belief in unicorns. We all believe (for good reason, mind you) that they are fictions. So too is it the case with gods."
Justin Schieber (an atheist) argues against the claim that "atheism is just a lack of belief". This seems fair enough: what atheists tend to use the claim for is to say that they don't have a duty to rebut any random stuff someone comes up with, but in fact, we consider the eixstence of gods and unicorns unlikely based on our background knowledge and the lack of expected evidence (which is evidence of absence), and this is a legitimate belief.
belief  god  atheism  theism  unicorns  evidence  epistemology 
april 2015 by pw201
Angra Mainyu's blog: The Moral Argument: Why Craig's metaethical case for theism fails
A pretty comprehensive attempt to refute William Lane Craig's Moral Argument for the existence of God.
moral  argument  philosophy  religion  morality  theism  william-lane-craig 
january 2012 by pw201
Pompous Theist
You've seen Advice Dog and Courage Wolf, now enjoy Pompous Theist. Well observed stuff: I've seen quite a few of these "arguments" in my time.
atheism  meme  funny  humour  theism  religion 
july 2011 by pw201
The Undeniable Fact and its Inescapable Consequence
The Undeniable Fact is that God does not show up in real life. The Inescapable Consequence of this Undeniable Fact is that anyone who wishes to talk about God can only speak of the things men say and think and feel and imagine.
theism  atheism  religion  hiddenness 
july 2009 by pw201
The End of Pascal's Wager: Only Nontheists Go to Heaven
You Christians are doomed. Richard Carrier argues that only unbelievers go to Heaven.
theology  theism  god  christianity  atheism  richard-carrier  carrier  heaven  pascal's-wager  pascal  religion  philosophy 
august 2008 by pw201
In God we doubt -Times Online
Humphrys rambles a bit and says that atheists are mean, but occasionally makes some interesting points.
agnosticism  atheism  christianity  Dawkins  religion  theism  times  john-humphrys 
september 2007 by pw201
Movement of Existence: Leibniz's Cosmological Argument
Similar debate on cosmological arguments to the one I'm having at the moment.
physics  philosophy  theism  atheism  cosmology  kalam  craig 
june 2007 by pw201

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