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Henry Marsh’s “Do No Harm” - The New Yorker
The New Yorker looks at Henry Marsh, author of "Do No Harm".
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may 2015 by pw201
Infant male circumcision is genital mutilation | Martin Robbins | Science |
"Men should have the right to choose circumcision, not have the choice forced upon them. Infant circumcision without consent or immediate medical justification is an unjustified violation of basic human rights, that shares more in common with ancient coming-of-age rituals than responsible medical practice." Seems fair enough to me: the only reason we permit this is because of the common error of "respecting" religious opinions.
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december 2011 by pw201
'In the middle of the operation, my colleague said he had to go – it was his home time' - Telegraph
"Senior doctor Tony Strong, 37, works an 80-hour week, despite a recent European ruling that it should be no more than 48." Mr Strong is against the European working time directive, but I'm not convinced that a return to knackered junior doctors treating patients is a good thing either.
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august 2010 by pw201

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