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Street Epistemology: An Effective Response to Credulity - YouTube
Anthony Magnabosco discusses his experiences applying the methods from the book "A Manual For Creating Atheists".
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april 2016 by pw201
Peter Boghossian vs Tim McGrew - YouTube
Here's an "Unbelievable" show in which Boghossian ("A Manual For Creating Atheists") talks to Tim McGrew, who's reasonably well known for his arguments in favour of belief in miracles. I've linked to a set of comments from "MrShamuto" where he undertakes more or less the process Boghossian describes in the books, of Socratic dialogue with "AdeToz", a Christian. It is long and occasionally interrupted by other people who are bonkers, but it's interesting to see Boghossian's stuff in action.
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april 2015 by pw201

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