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Strange Horizons - Freshly Remember'd: Kirk Drift By Erin Horáková
A lengthy essay arguing that the popular image of Shatner's Kirk isn't what the original episodes of Star Trek portray (but that the reboot has picked up the stereotype and run with it).
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april 2017 by pw201
Starships - a multifandom space vid by bironic - YouTube
Nicki Minaj's Starships with a supercut of a bunch of sci-fi ships and whatnot. Good fun.
scifi  music  star-trek  starwars  science-fiction 
december 2016 by pw201
Riker sits down | MetaFilter
Commander Riker has a way with chairs. The YouTube video is doing the rounds, but I'm linking to the Metafilter thread as it contains comments from "The Riker Who Mounts the World", as well as links to Wil Wheaton's take on it.
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may 2013 by pw201
A fistful of Rikers.
Surreal Star Trek re-mixes. I enjoyed "Beard on Beard".
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january 2009 by pw201

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