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How knitters got knotted in a purity spiral - UnHerd
Yep, knitters. "Purity spiral" is a good name for the runaway effect of only rewarding people who call out others for not being pure enough.
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13 days ago by pw201
Libertarian Social Justice Warrior: A Surprisingly Coherent Position | Thing of Things
"As far as I am aware, “libertarian social justice warrior” is a niche very rarely filled. This is annoying to me, because a really good case can be made for the social justice libertarian."
social-justice  libertarianism  sjw  basic-income  economics  welfare 
march 2016 by pw201
Ten Things I Want To Stop Seeing On The Internet In 2014 | Slate Star Codex
An interesting thread about the internet social justice movement, on Slate Star Codex: "I am having a hard time finding a middle ground between SJ and sociopathy. I don’t like what SJ does to my brain. But realistically it’s not actually feasible for me to not give a shit about anyone. Could use a little advice." Commenter then gets good advice.
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january 2014 by pw201
Djina Unchained
A social justice blogger. I think it's a parody, but it's hard to be sure.
sjw  social-justice  privilege  tumblr  patriarchy  feminism 
november 2013 by pw201

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