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Britain Uncovered survey results: the attitudes and beliefs of Britons in 2015 | Society | The Guardian
The Graun surveyed about 1000 people and weighted the results according to the UK's demographics. Among other things, the bit about religion was interesting to me: their survey said "A majority of Britons (82%) do not actively practise a religion and a clear majority of the population (61%) agree with that “These days religion is a negative influence in the world rather than a force for good.” Unsurprisingly, those who associate with a religion are less likely to hold this view."
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april 2015 by pw201
What is the proper place for religion in Britain's public life? | World news | The Observer
An exchange between Dawkins and Will Hutton. D: "That doesn't mean religious people shouldn't advocate their religion. So long as they are not granted privileged power to do so (which at present they are) of course they should. And the rest of us should be free to argue against them. But of all arguments out there, arguments against religion are almost uniquely branded "intolerant". When you put a cogent and trenchant argument against the government's economic policy, nobody would call you "intolerant" of the Tories. But when an atheist does the same against a religion, that's intolerance. Why the double standard? Do you really want to privilege religious ideas by granting them unique immunity against reasoned argument?"
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february 2012 by pw201
The slow, whiny death of British Christianity : Johann Hari
Johann Hari gets all strident neo-toxic sceptical neo-atheist (you missed "shrill" - Ed.): "As their dusty Churches crumble because nobody wants to go there, the few remaining Christians in Britain will only become more angry and uncomprehending." He's right about "whiny", though.
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What isn't wrong with Sharia law? | Law |
"To safeguard our rights there must be one law for all and no religious courts."
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july 2010 by pw201
Leicester strikes a blow for secularism | Theo Hobson | Comment is free |
Theo Hobson on events in Leicester, where the new Lord Mayor has appointed a secular chaplain and removed prayers before monthly council meetings. Hobson notes that the C of E is, perhaps wisely, not making much of a fuss about this: "establishment at all levels is more or less indefensible; the more discussed it is, the more obvious this is. The church can only hope that interest dies down."
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The death of death… « The Saint Barnabas’ Blog
The blog entry of the Anglican priest and goodwill diplomat who's been railing against secular funerals and Tina Turner songs at religious ones, who found himself reported on in the Torygraph and Daily Fail. Choice quote: "Whereas the best our secularist friends (and those they dupe) can hope for is a poem from nan combined with a saccharine message from a pop star before being popped in the oven with no hope of resurrection." Well, Christians certainly have the *hope* of resurrection, I suppose. And we can all agree that Tina Turner is a bad thing.
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'Islam and the modern world don't mix' by Joan Smith, The Independent -
The Gillian Gibbons case illustrates that you shouldn't ever attempt to help savages who will turn around and bite you for your troubles. Send in the army, I say. Civis britanicus sum.
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november 2007 by pw201

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