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Faith vs. Facts -
"a broad group of scholars is beginning to demonstrate that religious belief and factual belief are indeed different kinds of mental creatures. People process evidence differently when they think with a factual mind-set rather than with a religious mind-set. Even what they count as evidence is different. And they are motivated differently, based on what they conclude. On what grounds do scholars make such claims?"
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april 2015 by pw201
God and the Ivory Tower- By Scott Atran | Foreign Policy
Scott Atran argues that scientific study of religion is needed. Hard to disagree there, though I'm not sure scientists have refrained from studying it because they think it's silly. Is there evidence for that?
atheism  new-atheism  religion  anthropology  scott-atran  atran 
august 2012 by pw201
Born believers: How your brain creates God - science-in-society - 04 February 2009 - New Scientist
Summary of psychology of religion results, and some debate about whether religion is adaptive.
religion  science  psychology  god  pascal-boyer  scott-atran 
march 2009 by pw201

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