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Strange Horizons - Freshly Remember'd: Kirk Drift By Erin Horáková
A lengthy essay arguing that the popular image of Shatner's Kirk isn't what the original episodes of Star Trek portray (but that the reboot has picked up the stereotype and run with it).
star-trek  kirk  james-t-kirk  science-fiction  television 
april 2017 by pw201
Abigail Nussbaum — Person of Interest - The Good Bits Version
If you want just the SF bits of Person of Interest (which are great, see Peter Watts's review) without the police procedural/victim of the week stuff, Abigail Nussbaum has a useful list of episodes to watch.
person-of-interest  artificial-intelligence  science-fiction  television 
april 2017 by pw201
Starships - a multifandom space vid by bironic - YouTube
Nicki Minaj's Starships with a supercut of a bunch of sci-fi ships and whatnot. Good fun.
scifi  music  star-trek  starwars  science-fiction 
december 2016 by pw201
"The Culture represents the place we might hope to get to" | MetaFilter
Mefi's discussion of the (previously linked) recently published interview with Iain M Banks (RIP). It's good.
metafilter  iain-m-banks  culture  sci-fi  sf  science-fiction  discussion 
november 2014 by pw201
The Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang
Ted Chiang's short about memory, time and loss. It's also an alien first contact story.
heptapod  story  science-fiction  time  ted-chiang  sci-fi  language  first-contact  memory 
october 2013 by pw201
The SCP Foundation
Descriptions of strange and horrifying objects being held by a secret organisation. If you liked Stross's Laundry stuff, you might like this. Time sink warning, there are lots of them. Looks like it's a collaboration using a wiki.
lovecraft  sci-fi  wiki  science-fiction  horror 
november 2012 by pw201
The Man With No Name Chapter 1: Oncoming Storm, a Doctor Who + Firefly Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Doctor Who / Firefly crossover fanfiction. Quite sweet, though doesn't have the voices down perfectly.
sci-fi  science-fiction  fanfiction  river  fanfic  crossover  doctorwho  firefly 
july 2012 by pw201
Prometheus (2012) – Calvinball Mythology and the Void of Meaning « Ruthless Culture
Prometheus was crap because it was trying to be like real life where stuff just happens, rather than like a story. Perhaps.
sci-fi  sf  science-fiction  narrative  calvinball  metanarrative  prometheus  entertainment  myth  film 
june 2012 by pw201
Twilight: The Use of Sparkle
If Iain M. Banks had written Twilight. Funny, even though I've never read/seen any Twilight.
parody  twilight  iain-m-banks  sf  science-fiction  sci-fi  culture  books 
january 2012 by pw201
Strange Horizons Fiction: Tomorrow is Waiting, by Holli Mintzer
A short science fiction story about the Muppets. Heartwarming stuff. Via Sumana.
sci-fi  science-fiction  muppets  ai 
november 2011 by pw201
whump | "I come not in peace, but with a knife missile."
Jesus was actually working for Culture Special Circumstances. Slightly more plausible than the conventional story.
science-fiction  jesus  culture  banks  iain-m-banks 
december 2010 by pw201
Seems to make sense. Obviously, contains huge spoilers. Via Penny Arcade.
inception  film  movie  science-fiction  sci-fi  dreams 
august 2010 by pw201
YouTube - Hot in herre (Herr Kaschke Hal64 Remix)
"It's getting hot in here" mixed with 2001: A Space Odyssey.
music  funny  2001  sci-fi  science-fiction 
august 2010 by pw201
Strange Horizons Fiction Department: Stories We've Seen Too Often
Strange Horizons lists SF plots they don't want to see because they see them so often.
writing  scifi  sci-fi  sf  science-fiction  plots  funny  literature  books 
january 2010 by pw201

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