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TAM2014 - Carol Tavris - Who's Lying Who's Self-Justifying - YouTube
"Social psychologist and author Carol Tavris on "Who's Lying? Who's Self-Justifying?: Origins of the He Said/She Said Gap in Sexual Communications". Discusses sexual assault but is mainly about discussions of sexual assault and dissonance.
sex  sexism  psychology  scepticism  cognitive-bias  evidence 
august 2014 by pw201
UFOs, Ghosts and a Rising God
Chris Hallquist's debunking of the stories of the resurrection of Jesus is now online. It's a good read. It's mostly a response to popular apologetics on the subject (Habermas, Craig, McDowell and so on) and an argument that the evidence is worse than that for more modern paranormal events which we justly reject (the ghosts and UFOs of the title).
history  william-lane-craig  christianity  jesus  resurrection  apologetics  scepticism  ufo  paranormal  chris-hallquist 
july 2013 by pw201
Skeptics shouldn't have lined up with the Mail to call Psychic Sally a fraud
"The great pity about the legal battle between the Daily Mail and ‘Psychic’ Sally Morgan was that somebody had to win." You're not a sceptic if you call someone a fraud without evidence
libel  law  sally-morgan  evidence  scepticism  daily-mail  psychic  fraud 
july 2013 by pw201
Biblical Evidence for Catholicism: Was Skeptical Philosopher David Hume an Atheist?
Some interesting quotes from Hume scholars. Comes from a blog evangelising for Catholicism, so may be strongly filtered evidence, but worth a read, in any case.
philosophy  hume  atheism  david-hume  agnosticism  deism  religion  scepticism 
april 2010 by pw201
Less Wrong: Undiscriminating Skepticism
"Since it can be cheap and easy to attack everything your tribe doesn't believe, you shouldn't trust the rationality of just anyone who slams astrology and creationism; these beliefs aren't just false, they're also non-tribal among educated audiences. Test what happens when a "skeptic" argues for a non-tribal belief, or argues against a tribal belief, before you decide they're good general rationalists."
culture  rationality  scepticism  eliezer-yudkowsky 
march 2010 by pw201

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