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The Devil Rides Out | Features | Fortean Times
Dennis Wheatley: "virtually invented the popular image of Satanism in 20th-century Britain, and he made it seem strangely seductive. If the appeal of Black Magic in popular culture was ultimately erotic, then this was largely due to Wheatley’s writing, with its reliable prospect of virg­ins being ritually ravished on altar tops." Via Metafilter
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january 2010 by pw201
Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name
Christian commenter on Unreasonable Faith: "All ex-Christians are in league with Satan and are fully aware of it, don’t let yourselves be fooled into believing otherwise." Bugger, I've been rumbled. Time to buy a red cape...
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november 2009 by pw201
Christians in the Hand of an Angry God (part 5, conclusion)
The takeover of American Christianity by the Devil. Not sure I believe the author's account of how it happened, but his description of what has happened is spot on.
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january 2008 by pw201

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