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GCHQ's 'jihad on tech firms' can only fail | Technology | The Guardian
Blaming Facebook for Lee Rigby's murder will only lead to a breakdown in the relationship between the police and tech companies, says Ross Anderson.
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november 2014 by pw201
Erasing David
Ross Anderson on poor operational security in the NHS, made worse by politics: "Last night’s documentary Erasing David shows how private eyes tracked down a target by making false pretext telephone calls to the NHS. By pretending to be him they found out when he and his wife were due to attend an ante-natal clinic, and ambushed him as he came out."
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may 2010 by pw201
Security Engineering - A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems
The second edition of Ross Anderson's book is out. The first edition is now freely available on his site, plus there are some sample chapters from the second one.
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april 2008 by pw201
Searching For Evil
Ross Anderson's Google tech talk on various internet scams,
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september 2007 by pw201

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