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Who Was David Hume? by Anthony Gottlieb | The New York Review of Books
"David Hume, who died in his native Edinburgh in 1776, has become something of a hero to academic philosophers. In 2009, he won first place in a large international poll of professors and graduate students who were asked to name the dead thinker with whom they most identified. The runners-up in this peculiar race were Aristotle and Kant. Hume beat them by a comfortable margin. Socrates only just made the top twenty."
philosophy  hume  david-hume  books  review 
may 2016 by pw201
A Manual for Creating Atheists - Godless Haven
"Godless Haven" has a good review of Boghossian's book, "A Manual For Creating Atheists".
review  atheism  peter-boghossian  epistemology 
may 2015 by pw201
Neal Stephenson, Anathem (2008)
A review of Anathem, with its own glossary. Fun.
funny  scifi  sci-fi  books  review  anathem  neal-stephenson 
february 2009 by pw201
Symbian phones comparison
I'm thinking of buying a new phone. Anyone got any recommendations/disrecommendations?
mobile  phones  s60  nokia  symbian  comparison  phone  review 
march 2008 by pw201
New York Press - MATT TAIBBI - Flathead
The peculiar genius of Thomas L. Friedman.

By Matt Taibbi
friedman  review  funny  humour  politics  usa  globalization  books 
april 2007 by pw201
Ship of Fools: Features
Ship of Fools reviews Dawkins' "The God Delusion". Likes him slagging the fundies, doesn't like over-generalising that all religion is evil.
religion  dawkins  ship-of-fools  review 
october 2006 by pw201
Reader, I Adapted Him
Andrew Rilstone's amusingly grumpy review of the BBC's adaptions of Jane Eyre and Robin Hood.
rilstone  bbc  review  eyre  hood  politics 
october 2006 by pw201

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