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The Tornado, the Lutherans, and Homosexuality :: Desiring God
Well known complementarian John Piper explains how God sent a tornado to break the spire of a Lutheran church as a "a gentle but firm" reminder that gay sex is bad. Via a more sensible Christian on Unreasonable Faith.
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april 2010 by pw201
Evangelicals warn: women bishops will 'put men off ordination' - Times Online
"They have girl cooties," a spokesman for the Doctrinal Rectitude Trust said today.
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february 2010 by pw201
Luke on reformed epistemology and moral realism : The Uncredible Hallq
Nice: "A better response to Plantinga is just to point out that belief in the Christian God isn’t very much at all like most of the common-sense beliefs commonly cited as threatened by Descartes & Hume-style skepticism (like belief in the reliability of our senses), but is an awful lot like beliefs most Christians wouldn’t accept without evidence–namely, the beliefs of other religions."
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january 2010 by pw201

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