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Doc Searls Weblog · GDPR will pop the adtech bubble
Interesting distinction between adtech and advertising.
gdpr  advertising  law  privacy 
may 2018 by pw201
Men who post on "Women who eat on tubes"
The lackwits who post on "Women Who Eat on Tubes" now have their own group dedicated to them, "Men Who Post on Women Who Eat on Tubes". Sauce for the goose, and all that. The best thread on it is this one, where they take it in turns to pretend to be one of the WWEOT posters: "Misandry privacy too seriously chill lad women only joke reverse, ironic turned silly time sport lift even do you. 2.2 Southampton beer banter opinonated BA Sports Science & Geography. Women rotten upturned collar hate women but Justin Beiber haircut and posh holiday photo. Hat look at my hat look in my photo I am wearing a hat probably. LAD" Indeed.
funny  satire  sexism  tube  london  underground  misogyny  privacy  photography 
april 2014 by pw201
Feds Threaten To Arrest Lavabit Founder For Shutting Down His Service | Techdirt
If you shut down your email service rather than giving the US government a back door, they'll threaten to arrest you.
law  politics  nsa  email  encryption  privacy  lavabit 
august 2013 by pw201
Glenn Greenwald's partner detained at Heathrow airport for nine hours
"David Miranda, partner of Guardian interviewer of whistleblower Edward Snowden, questioned under Terrorism Act." This is why we don't permit laws which allow people to be held for long periods without charge, even if the laws are ostensibly about fighting "terrorism". There's no way that the UK authorities can seriously think Miranda is a terrorist. Via Metafilter, where they're speculating that the US and UK are spooked because they don't know what Snowden has actually got.
law  politics  terrorism  nsa  spying  heathrow  privacy  edward-snowden  glenn-greenwald  gchq 
august 2013 by pw201
What they mean when the government says “We do not have ‘direct’ access to your info” | Fabius Maximus
They mean "we're sniffing the traffic, we don't have root on Google's servers", alleges Marcus Ranum.
nsa  google  spying  sniffer  marcus-ranum  privacy  security  prism 
august 2013 by pw201
Schneier on Security: The Office of the Director of National Intelligence Defends NSA Surveillance Programs
"Here's a transcript of a panel discussion about NSA surveillance. There's a lot worth reading here, but I want to quote Bob Litt's opening remarks. He's the General Counsel for ODNI, and he has a lot to say about the programs revealed so far in the Snowden documents."
terrorism  nsa  spying  leaks  privacy  security  prism 
july 2013 by pw201
TSA Agent Threatens Woman With Defamation, Demands $500k For Calling Intrusive Search 'Rape' | Techdirt
A woman sexually assaulted by a Transport Security Agency employee is then threatened with a libel suit when she blogs about it. Thugs Standing Around, indeed. Her own lawyer writes an excellent letter in response. Note: contains a description of the assault.
privacy  surveillance  rape  defamation  tsa  security  transport 
september 2011 by pw201
The Real Life Social Network v2
Via andrewducker,a great presentation from Paul Adams at Google which goes some way to explaining the design of Google Plus.
internet  facebook  privacy  relationships  google  social  social-networks  plus 
july 2011 by pw201
New Statesman - The bugger, bugged
"After a chance meeting with a former News of the World executive who told him his phone had been hacked, Hugh Grant couldn’t resist going back to him – with a hidden tape recorder – to find out if there was more to the story . . . " Coppers taking backhanders from journos, oh my. No wonder the Met dragged their feet about the phone hacking case.
news  journalism  crime  phones  privacy  surveillance  police  hugh-grant  hacking 
april 2011 by pw201
Erasing David
Ross Anderson on poor operational security in the NHS, made worse by politics: "Last night’s documentary Erasing David shows how private eyes tracked down a target by making false pretext telephone calls to the NHS. By pretending to be him they found out when he and his wife were due to attend an ante-natal clinic, and ambushed him as he came out."
privacy  security  nhs  ross-anderson  health 
may 2010 by pw201
How Mark Zuckerberg Hacked The Harvard Crimson
Ah, the old "get people's failed logins, assume they typed the password for some other place" trick. Someone I knew at university did something similar with his Linux box, back when we all ran Linux boxes in our rooms: he rigged the login to fail the first time and log the password (this being easier than hacking up a special version of the login demon: you just write something to prompt, fail and then pass you on to the real login), and assumed what he got would do for other servers too. Happy days.
facebook  history  privacy  ethics  journalism  security  harvard  internet 
march 2010 by pw201
Steve Rambam Pt 1 – Privacy Is Dead – Get Over It
Private investigator on how much you can learn from someone's on-line life. Long, but quite funny.
privacy  rambam  internet  investigation  snooping  facebook  myspace 
september 2008 by pw201
Facebook's "Privacy Trainwreck": Exposure, Invasion, and Drama
"Privacy is not simply about the state of an inanimate object or set of bytes; it is about the sense of vulnerability that an individual experiences. When people feel exposed or invaded, there's a privacy issue."
facebook  feed  privacy  social  software  networking  relationships 
september 2007 by pw201
Caught on camera – and found on Facebook - Times Online
Students at Oxford not that bright, or would have gone to Cambridge.
facebook  internet  privacy  oxford  university 
july 2007 by pw201
As Facebook Grows, Longtime Users Draw Privacy Veil
OMG ur mom's on Facebook. A consequence of Facebook's increasing popularity is that people close down access to their information. Seems pretty sensible to me: if you don't want the plebs seeing your profile, limit it to your college network and you've go
facebook  privacy  drama 
july 2007 by pw201
How Facebook Ended My Marriage « Thomas Crampton - Media & Technology
Facebook feed announcement leads this bloke's friends to think he's broken off his engagement, when he's actually trying to show less information on his profile (you'd've thought the privacy settings would do this without causing the feed to update)
facebook  feed  privacy  engagement 
june 2007 by pw201
Charlie's Diary: Shaping the future
Charles Stross on what the future might look like when personal storage becomes ridiculously cheap.
culture  history  science  scifi  society  stross  Privacy  future  Singularity 
may 2007 by pw201
Kids, the Internet, and the End of Privacy: The Greatest Generation Gap Since Rock and Roll -- New York Magazine
Youth of today use internet a lot, don't care who is watching. David Brin turns out to have been right.
facebook  privacy  lj  youth  teenagers  children  myspace 
february 2007 by pw201

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