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World War Three, by Mistake - The New Yorker
The author of "Command and Control" on the cheery topic of the degradation of the USA's control systems and the possibility of cyber attacks. Also touches on Trump/Putin.
war  history  nuclear  ICBM  donald-trump  vladimir-putin  cold-war 
december 2016 by pw201
The President and the bomb | Restricted Data
The US military won't stop a president from using nuclear weapons, the system is designed to make sure they can do so, not to prevent them.
politics  military  nuclear  president 
november 2016 by pw201
The button that isn't | Restricted Data
There's no actual big red button to launch all the missiles. Interesting article on nuclear command and control.
nuclear  icbm  button  war  missiles 
december 2014 by pw201
The nuclear deterrent and reasons for its replacement
Interesting discussion from UK armed forces people on Trident and whatnot. Found in a comment on the aforementioned Charles Stross blog post.
Vulcan  nuclear  Trident  ICBM  SSBN  V-force  war 
may 2013 by pw201
Fukushima is a triumph for nuke power: Build more reactors now! • The Register
"Japan's nuclear powerplants have performed magnificently in the face of a disaster hugely greater than they were designed to withstand, remaining entirely safe throughout and sustaining only minor damage. The unfolding Fukushima story has enormously strengthened the case for advanced nations – including Japan – to build more nuclear powerplants, in the knowledge that no imaginable disaster can result in serious problems."
science  nuclear  safety  physics  japan  earthquake 
march 2011 by pw201
Steve Boggan on what to do in the event of a nuclear war | Special Reports | Guardian Unlimited Politics
Deep beneath Wiltshire lies an abandoned fortress, strewn with old bedding, rusting machinery and stationery marked 'top secret'. This is the Corsham bunker, where the nation's elite would have retreated in the event of nuclear war. Built at the height of
terrorism  war  apocalypse  bunker  nuclear  corsham 
february 2007 by pw201

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