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The Left must reject the relativism at the heart of the Rotherham scandal | Left Foot Forward
This, from Al Razi of Ex-Muslim Forum, seems a sensible response, although as the worlds only impartial observer, I'd say that both the class of the victims and the race of both victims and perpetrators contributed to the horrors being ignored for so long. The Guardian will only talk about the former and the Telegraph about the latter, I suspect.
rotherham  abuse  religion  islam  news  multiculturalism 
august 2014 by pw201
PSA: Ignore the news - Charlie's Diary
The reading the news is bad for you: a timely reminder.
television  news  tv  media  charles-stross 
april 2013 by pw201
Open letter to Bell Pottinger | Bloggerheads
PR firm Bell Pottinger has been editing Wikipedia articles using fake accounts on behalf of their rather unsavoury clientele. When caught out, they responded that they'd done nothing illegal. Great public relations there, chaps.
astroturfing  bellpottinger  wikipedia  lobbying  uk  news  public-relations 
december 2011 by pw201
New Statesman - The bugger, bugged
"After a chance meeting with a former News of the World executive who told him his phone had been hacked, Hugh Grant couldn’t resist going back to him – with a hidden tape recorder – to find out if there was more to the story . . . " Coppers taking backhanders from journos, oh my. No wonder the Met dragged their feet about the phone hacking case.
news  journalism  crime  phones  privacy  surveillance  police  hugh-grant  hacking 
april 2011 by pw201
Man shot dead for eating popcorn too loudly during Black Swan - Telegraph
I feel we should encourage this sort of thing: even in the Arts Picturehouse, which is relatievly free of chavs, you occasionally get people giving their hilarious running commentary. For example, at a recent screening, when baddie character was lying mangled at the foot of a cliff at the end, a voice behind me said "That's what happens if you're naughty". I was too slow to murmur "That's what happens when you talk in the cinema", alas. L'esprit d'escalier, as they say.
news  popcorn  random  film  death  shooting  guns 
february 2011 by pw201
YouTube - The Daily Mail Song
Shooting fish in a barrel,but still funny.
video  music  youtube  funny  satire  humour  mail  news  newspapers  daily-mail  dan 
march 2010 by pw201
Jobcentre’s sorry for the spurn of the Jedi | The Sun |News
"A JEDI believer won an apology from a Jobcentre which threw him out for refusing to remove his hood." This is absolutely right: we must respect religious freedom.
jedi  religion  politics  jobcentre  news  sun  funny  hood 
march 2010 by pw201
Is aviation security mostly for show? -
Bruce Schneier: "When people are scared, they need something done that will make them feel safe, even if it doesn't truly make them safer. Politicians naturally want to do something in response to crisis, even if that something doesn't make any sense."
security  terrorism  politics  travel  news  bruce-schneier 
december 2009 by pw201
moot wins, Time Inc. loses « Music Machinery
How Anonymous hacked the Time "Most influential person" poll.
funny  news  4chan  hack  captcha  recaptcha  anonymous  security  time 
april 2009 by pw201
The Black Sites
The CIA tortures prisoners in a number of secret sites across the world. "Rumsfeld declined to comment" - funny that.
culture  news  politics  terrorism  torture  CIA  Interrogation  waterboarding  daniel-pearl 
august 2007 by pw201
Silver Bling Thing
There's more to the "Silver Ring Thing" case than first meets the eye.
christianity  education  fundamentalism  news  silver  ring  Religion  silver-ring-thing  SRT  celibacy  sex 
july 2007 by pw201
Simple News Server
Might be better than leafnode. Probably can't be worse.
usenet  news  snews  leafnode 
february 2007 by pw201

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