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In Britain, Austerity Is Changing Everything - The New York Times
"Whatever the operative thinking, austerity’s manifestations are palpable and omnipresent. It has refashioned British society, making it less like the rest of Western Europe, with its generous social safety nets and egalitarian ethos, and more like the United States, where millions lack health care and job loss can set off a precipitous plunge in fortunes."
money  poverty  austerity  politics 
june 2018 by pw201
The value of a life
"If you have money and want to save lives, you had better put a price on life... But don't mix up the price of a life with the value of a life. I see this happen all too frequently. To correct this mistake, I'm going to tell a little story."
economics  life  value  cost  money  charity  death 
february 2015 by pw201
The Business of Fake Hollywood Money
When your prop money is too realistic, the authorities get interested. Via Mefi.
money  counterfeiting  films  props 
august 2014 by pw201
Are you paid to look busy?
Do people with useless jobs secretly resent those with useful ones?
jobs  money  management  work  employment 
may 2014 by pw201
How filthy lucre could subvert the Church of England | World news | The Guardian
"Conservative evangelical churches threaten to withhold cash from pro-gay and liberal 'heretics'". What fun.
andrew-brown  money  evangelicalism  church-of-england  anglicanism  anglican 
may 2012 by pw201
The True Cost of Commuting | Mr. Money Mustache
Why it doesn't make sense to have a big house miles from where you work. I'm cycling in these days (unless it rains, then I'll probably drive).
car  transportation  bike  commuting  money  planning 
october 2011 by pw201

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