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Buddhism Is More ‘Western’ Than You Think -
Argues that incomprehensible genomic sayings are a Western stereotype of what Eastern philosophy is.
meditation  buddhism  philosophy  paradox 
november 2017 by pw201
My first 10 day Vipassana retreat
Not *my* retreat. Some bloke's. It's an interesting article about the experience though.
meditation  buddhism  mindfulness  retreat 
january 2016 by pw201
Postcards From the Edge of Consciousness - Issue 16: Nothingness - Nautilus
"Sensory deprivation goes from CIA torture manuals to a yoga studio near you." Via andrewduck.
psychology  meditation  floatation  deprivation  consciousness 
august 2014 by pw201
What Martial Arts Have to Do With Atheism - Graeme Wood - The Atlantic
Sam Harris on martial arts, meditation and atheism: "No one's ever accused me of being an optimist, but I think reason and intellectual honesty will win. They're just too useful."
religion  atheism  martial-arts  meditation  sam-harris 
april 2013 by pw201
Cycle of Fear -
Tim Kreider (of "The Pain, When Will It End?") on the meditative value of fear: "When I’m balanced on two thin wheels at 30 miles an hour, gauging distance, adjusting course, making hundreds of unconscious calculations every second, that idiot chatterbox in my head is kept too busy to get a word in."
meditation  funny  flow  cycling  anxiety 
may 2012 by pw201
Access : Meditating on consciousness : Nature
Two books exploring the relationship between Buddhism and science reveal surprising synergies — and hint that insights into the brain may come from studying the religion's practices, finds Michael Bond.
science  religion  meditation  buddhism  dalai-lama  consciousness 
november 2008 by pw201

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