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Inspiring Philosophy and the Laws of Logic: Part 1 – UseOfReason
What could apologists be talking about when they speak of "the laws of logic"? (This is usually part of an argument that God is needed for there to be such laws). Discusses various different logics, what Godel really proved, and a bunch of other stuff.
philosophy  mathematics  logic  presuppositionalism  apologetics  godel 
november 2017 by pw201
The Art of Controversy - Schopenhauer
Machiavelli for arguments, illustrated here by someone with a keen knowledge of internet memes.
trolling  controversy  schopenhauer  philosophy  argument  logic  fallacy 
march 2012 by pw201
A Turing Machine Overview
Someone has built this excellent mechanical Turing machine (OK, so it has electronics in the read/write head, but it's got real tape).
computers  hardware  programming  software  turing  video  algorithm  history  logic  compsci 
march 2010 by pw201
Fallacies on fallacies : Evolving Thoughts
"Appeal to authority is not fallacious, so long as the authority cited is relevant and reliable. A principle known as the division of cognitive labor (I think due to Hilary Putnam) suggests that we literally must rely on authorities in the absence of time, resources and cognitive capacities to rerun all experiments and observations since the beginnings of science and history."
logic  fallacy  appeal  authority  putnam  philosophy  rationality 
february 2010 by pw201
The ad hominem fallacy fallacy
What is, and is not, an ad hominem argument (for example, insults aren't, unless they're part of an argument).
logic  philosophy  argument  language  fallacy  writing  debate  ad-hominem 
november 2009 by pw201
Atheism, Reason, and Morality: Responding to Some Popular Christian Apologetics
D Gene Witmer on how best to response to Christian presuppositionalists. I ran into one of them online recently, which was fun.
religion  presuppositionalism  apologetics  christianity  philosophy  rationality  logic  induction  morality  filetype:pdf  media:document 
october 2009 by pw201
Video on the Subtext programming language
A presentation on an interesting visual language, borrowing ideas from logic tables and spreadsheets. The demo was impressive, but I'm not sure how it'd work for larger programs.
language  logic  programming  subtext  languages  video 
april 2008 by pw201
The Kalam Cosmological Argument
A critique of everyone's favourite "first cause" argument by P.Z. Myers's daughter.
kalam  craig  god  religion  apologetics  creation  logic 
march 2008 by pw201

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