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Atheism: Proving The Negative: Encyclopedia Entry: Atheism
Matt McCormick's draft of an encyclopedia entry on various arguments for and against atheism.
atheism  religion  matt-mccormick  theodicy  design  kalam 
december 2009 by pw201
Why the Big Bang Singularity Does Not Help the Kalam Cosmological Argument for Theism -- Pitts 59 (4): 675 -- The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
Paper on whether the Big Bang supports theistic arguments for creation ex nihilo, and particularly the Kalam argument. Notably, the author points out that if the singularity in the past requires a Creator, surely singularities in the future (such as black holes) require a Destroyer.
science  religion  creationism  kalam  bigbang  big-bang  Singularity  philosophy 
november 2009 by pw201
On The Possible God Of Philosophy And Cosmology Vs. The Personal, Historical God Of Faith
Camels With Hammers links to Dennett's remarks on hearing William Lane Craig's cosmological argument, and then talks about the gap between the source of the universe (which we should properly be agnostic about) and the gods of major religions.
daniel-dennett  dennett  william-lane-craig  craig  cosmology  kalam  philosophy  physics 
september 2009 by pw201
The Kalam Cosmological Argument
A critique of everyone's favourite "first cause" argument by P.Z. Myers's daughter.
kalam  craig  god  religion  apologetics  creation  logic 
march 2008 by pw201
Movement of Existence: Leibniz's Cosmological Argument
Similar debate on cosmological arguments to the one I'm having at the moment.
physics  philosophy  theism  atheism  cosmology  kalam  craig 
june 2007 by pw201
A Critique of the Kalam Cosmological Argument
Critique of William Lane Craig's arguments from creation.
creation  craig  religion  bigbang  physics  philosophy  kalam 
march 2007 by pw201

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