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Don’t Feed the Beast – the Great Tech Recruiter Infestation | mockyblog
A fun rant against tech recruiters in the UK, who are apparently a bunch of wide-boys (or spivs, to use the old fashioned term). I haven't used one for over ten years, so I don't know how accurate it is, but HN's discussion on it had some people saying it rings true.
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october 2015 by pw201
On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs | Strike! Magazine
Whatever happened to our promised leisure time, and why do so many people get paid to do nothing useful?
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october 2015 by pw201
cartesiandaemon - December Days: Dream Job
CartesianDaemon on what makes a good job. I think I agree with all of these. Where can I get one of those?
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december 2014 by pw201
Are you paid to look busy?
Do people with useless jobs secretly resent those with useful ones?
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may 2014 by pw201
Questions to ask your potential employer | Hacker News
Linked to the Hacker News thread rather than the original post as the commenters at HN came up with some good additional ones.
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november 2013 by pw201
What People Don't Get About My Job: From A(rmy Soldier) to Z(ookeeper) - Derek Thompson - Business - The Atlantic
"Tell us what people don't get or appreciate about your job. The response was so eloquent and overwhelming, it was practically encyclopedic.

So we made an encyclopedia. From A to Z, we went through your responses to find the best vocational essays for each letter."
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september 2011 by pw201

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