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EU Law Analysis: Freedom to insult? Balancing freedom of expression with religious tolerance in ECHR case law
"A recent judgment of the European Court of Human Rights has raised again the question of whether there should be limits on free speech when someone might be offended by it – in this case, concerning the Muslim faith. It’s a good opportunity to explain the context of the case and assess what – if any – limits should be acceptable on free speech in such cases."
EU  law  free-speech  islam 
10 weeks ago by pw201
ISIS Is Just One of a Full-Blown Global Jihadist Insurgency - The Daily Beast
"By failing to name the ideology and isolate it from everyday Islam, we deprive these reforming voices of a lexicon, a language to deploy against those who are attempting to silence their progressive efforts within their own communities. We prevent a conversation around ending Islamism’s appeal while also reforming traditional Islam. If it has “nothing to do with Islam,” there is nothing to discuss within Islamic communities. In this way, we surrender the debate to the extremists, who meanwhile are discussing Islam with impunity."
islam  islamism  religion  terrorism  jihad  isis  isil 
november 2015 by pw201
ISIS and the Lonely Young American - The New York Times
The NYT has a story about radical Muslims attempting to convert an American Christian and convince her to travel to join them in Syria, all done via the Internet, mainly Twitter and Skype.
isis  islam  internet  twitter  religion  radicalisation 
july 2015 by pw201
Losing their religion: The hidden crisis of faith among Britain’s young Muslims | Global | The Guardian
The experiences of ex-Muslims in the UK, who face ostracism and maybe even violence, as well as finding it hard to find help because of worries about Islamophobia. Sulaiman, who is featured in the article, is a former colleague of mine. "Shams believes that this kind of gesture and the NUS decision last month to lobby alongside Cage, the militant Islamic prisoners pressure group, undermines the position of dissenting Muslims. “What it does is to say to reformists and secularists, you’re not really Muslims.”"
ex-muslim  islam  apostasy  politics  multiculturalism  uk  islamophobia 
may 2015 by pw201
What ISIS Really Wants - The Atlantic
"The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here’s what that means for its strategy—and for how to stop it." Via Mefi.
isis  islam  war  terrorism  caliphate  apocalypse 
february 2015 by pw201
Trading with tyranny. The price of snuggling up to Saudi Arabia
"Britain and many other countries are already paying a substantial price for Saudi Arabia's efforts (over many years) to spread its pernicious Wahhabi ideology far and wide. A more robust stance against that now will mean less need to spend money on security and defence measures in the future."
saudi-arabia  islam  wahhabi  politics 
january 2015 by pw201
Brown Pundits: Unreal Islam
"As someone in love with the cultural traditions of Islam and as a diligent student of its history, I agree that the acts of the jihadis do not represent the vast majority of Muslims today or in history. Humans are a violent species and Muslims have contributed their share, but it is completely asinine to think that Muslims have been, historically, any more violent than other groups. However, it is equally absurd to deny that the ideology underlying jihadism draws upon mainstream Islamic beliefs and is, therefore, undeniably a form of “real Islam” – albeit of a very extreme form. It is more accurate to say that this extremism is “not the only Islam”, and, by historical standards, it is a version very different from what the vast majority of Muslims have practiced."
islam  religion  islamism  history  pakistan 
january 2015 by pw201
Charlie Hebdo: the danger of polarised debate | Gary Younge | Comment is free | The Guardian
"Those who claim that Islam is “inherently”violent are more hateful, but no less nonsensical, than those who claim it is “inherently” peaceful. The insistence that these hateful acts are refuted by ancient texts makes as much sense as insisting they are supported by them. Islam, like any religion, isn’t “inherently” anything but what people make of it. A small but significant minority have decided to make it violent."
islam  religion  violence  charlie-hebdo 
january 2015 by pw201
The cult of death and the psychopaths it ensnares - Telegraph
"Islamist terrorists believe they are a pure elite, destined to survive the cataclysmic conflict of civilisations they desire to bring about. That is why Isil’s magazine is called “Dabiq” or Ark. Ideally, as the Egyptian president has courageously commented, they would like to witness an all-out war between 1.6 billion Muslims and the other six billion inhabitants of our planet, but for the time being they’ll just be the vanguard of it."
islam  islamism  terrorism 
january 2015 by pw201
Paris attacks: unless we overcome fear, self-censorship will spread| Nick Cohen | Comment is free | The Observer
Cohen argues that Western journalists had already given in. "My friend and comrade Maajid Nawaz was a jihadi before he converted to liberalism and understands the totalitarian mind. He says that people still do not realise that radical Islamists do not just want to impose their taboos at gunpoint. They want to “create a civil war” so that European Muslims accept that they can only live in the caliphate; to encourage the rise of the white far-right so that ordinary coexistence becomes impossible. If they win one demand, as they are winning in Britain, then they will up the tension and move to another."
censorship  charlie-hebdo  islam  free  speech  islamism 
january 2015 by pw201
Charlie Hebdo victim was 'a friend of Islam, Turkey' - INTERNATIONAL
"Voicing his ‘fear,’ Hürriyet columnist Ertuğrul Özkök writes about a chat he once had with Georges Wolinski, who was killed in the attack at the offices of the French satirical magazine."
charlie-hebdo  islam  turkey 
january 2015 by pw201
The Blame for the Charlie Hebdo Murders - The New Yorker
"Because the ideology is the product of a major world religion, a lot of painstaking pretzel logic goes into trying to explain what the violence does, or doesn’t, have to do with Islam. Some well-meaning people tiptoe around the Islamic connection, claiming that the carnage has nothing to do with faith, or that Islam is a religion of peace, or that, at most, the violence represents a “distortion” of a great religion. (After suicide bombings in Baghdad, I grew used to hearing Iraqis say, “No Muslim would do this.”) Others want to lay the blame entirely on the theological content of Islam, as if other religions are more inherently peaceful—a notion belied by history as well as scripture. A religion is not just a set of texts but the living beliefs and practices of its adherents."
charliehebdo  journalism  terror  religion  politics  islam 
january 2015 by pw201
The Blasphemy We Need -
"Must all deliberate offense-giving, in any context, be celebrated, honored, praised? I think not. But in the presence of the gun — or, as in the darker chapters of my own faith’s history, the rack or the stake — both liberalism and liberty require that it be welcomed and defended."
blasphemy  charlie-hebdo  islam  speech  freedom 
january 2015 by pw201
Ex-Muslims Forum on Twitter: "an e-mail from an Exmuslim about #CharlieHebdo "I want to weep" - fear, sickness and horror"
The ex-Muslims Forum publish "an e-mail from an Exmuslim about #CharlieHebdo "I want to weep" - fear, sickness and horror"
ex-muslim  charlie-hebdo  terrorism  murder  islam 
january 2015 by pw201
The case for mocking religion.
Hitchens! thou shouldst be living at this hour: France has need of thee.
cartoons  christopher-hitchens  satire  religion  islam  terrorism  murder 
january 2015 by pw201
The Left must reject the relativism at the heart of the Rotherham scandal | Left Foot Forward
This, from Al Razi of Ex-Muslim Forum, seems a sensible response, although as the worlds only impartial observer, I'd say that both the class of the victims and the race of both victims and perpetrators contributed to the horrors being ignored for so long. The Guardian will only talk about the former and the Telegraph about the latter, I suspect.
rotherham  abuse  religion  islam  news  multiculturalism 
august 2014 by pw201
Why I'm speaking up for Islam against the loudmouths who have hijacked it | Maajid Nawaz | Comment is free | The Guardian
"I tweeted a cartoon of Jesus and Mo. My aim was to carve out a space where Muslims can be heard without fearing the blasphemy charge."
mohammed  islam  jesus  cartoon  twitter  maajid-nawaz  liberal-democrats 
january 2014 by pw201
The Liberal Democrats face a true test of liberty | Nick Cohen | Comment is free | The Observer
"The real scandal in the Liberal Democrats is not leading the news. Extremists are menacing the career and life of a Liberal Democrat politician and respectable society hardly considers these authentically scandalous threats to be a scandal at all. The scandal, in short, is that there is no scandal."
islam  libdems  liberal-democrats  nick-clegg  islamism  freedom  twitter  mohammed 
january 2014 by pw201
Ukip Activist Marty Caine Provokes Fury by Branding Drummer Lee Rigby's Family 'Idiots' - IBTimes UK
Looks like the old "the EDL are the provisional wing of UKIP" joke is actually true.
edl  lee-rigby  islam  racism  ukip 
june 2013 by pw201
BBC News - How religions change their mind
How do doctrinal shifts occur in various world religions?
religion  christianity  mormonism  islam  change  doctrine  judaism 
may 2013 by pw201
Free Speech on the Internet: Silicon Valley is Making the Rules | New Republic
Google, Twitter, Facebook and the new global battle over the future of free speech
law  twitter  speech  google  islam  censorship  facebook 
may 2013 by pw201
Obama’s Address to United Nations -
"Mr. Obama appeared to relish the larger canvas of the United Nations and his subject, freedom of speech and why in the United States, even making “a crude and disgusting video” is a right of all citizens." Interesting: some of this is heading off Romney's criticism, but it's good to see, anyway.
UN  united-nations  islam  politics  freedom  speech  obama 
september 2012 by pw201
Sam Harris on the Innocence of Muslims affair | Talking Philosophy
Russel Blackford examines Harris's essay. He gets a couple of commenters telling him that he's a cultural imperialist or doesn't understand the sacred or something, so I waded in.
religion  blasphemy  islam  russell-blackford  sam-harris 
september 2012 by pw201
On the Freedom to Offend an Imaginary God : Sam Harris
"Here is where the line must be drawn and defended without apology: We are free to burn the Qur’an or any other book, and to criticize Muhammad or any other human being. Let no one forget it." "The freedom to think out loud on certain topics, without fear of being hounded into hiding or killed, has already been lost. And the only forces on earth that can recover it are strong, secular governments that will face down charges of blasphemy with scorn. "
sam-harris  islam  mohammed  koran  politics  free  speech  religion 
september 2012 by pw201
Heresy Corner: Tom Holland: In the shadow of a sword?
Don't examine Islam too closely: "Channel 4 said today that it had cancelled a special screening planned for this Thursday of Islam: the Untold Story, its documentary of last month written and presented by Tom Holland and based on his latest book In The Shadow of the Sword."
history  tom-holland  channel4  muslim  islam 
september 2012 by pw201
Speaking Out Because I Must
"I am shocked but not surprised by the film. I am horrified and really, really pissed off at my Muslim brothers."
muslim  islam 
september 2012 by pw201
The Infamous Brad - 9/11/12 in Libya and Egypt
Brad Hicks with some interesting background on what's going on.
mohammed  islam  terrorism  politics  usa  libya  egypt 
september 2012 by pw201
Open letter to violent Muslim protestors | The Chronicle
"I really don’t understand how my fellow Muslims do not see that, with their reactions, they actually prove what has been said about them by their enemies. You call my religion evil or terrorism and, in order to “disprove” this insult, I will go kill people, burn embassies, act like a bloodthirsty crazy person…. Don’t you fellow Muslims see the ridiculousness of this logic and actions! The uncivilized images of these violent protests by these irresponsible and violent Muslims shape the image of 1.6 billion Muslims all around the world. "
violence  religion  terrorism  quran  islam 
march 2012 by pw201
Alex Gabriel // LSE's student union copy UCL's
More on the LSE nonsense: "Essentially, a large of group of Muslim students felt offended that there were pictures of Mohammed on the facebook group. As a result, they felt that our facebook group was no longer a ‘safe space’ for Muslims." Alex Gabriel points out that the Facebook group in question is a closed one, and certainly not what you'd expect to be a "safe space" for Muslims. It would certainly be crass for a student atheist group to put that cartoon on posters, say, but complaining about a closed Facebook group is just whining for the sake of it.
lse  university  freedom  religion  politics  islam 
january 2012 by pw201
Worrying developments for freedom of expression in the UK - Various - Various -
"This thread combines a number of examples where atheists, humanists and/or secularists have been threatened or coerced into silence, both by Muslims and by institutions or other groups apparently subscribing to the view that 'If someone believes it, you must respect it'. All these examples have happened in the UK in the course of the last week or so. ... But the key thing to note in all these cases is that it is no longer just the religious who would inhibit our freedom of expression: increasingly, secular bodies are buying into this invidious idea too, all in the name of 'tolerance' or 'community relations' or 'respect'."

Fuck it, I'm joining the EDL.

Just kidding, I don't have the beer belly or the conviction for football hooliganism and I've never seen a "Muslamic raygun". Still, it is alarming to see these things happening in Britain. Who are the reasonable opposition? Can't leave something that important to the Nazis.
sharia  speech  freedom  islamism  uk  islam 
january 2012 by pw201
Atheists face Muslim-led censorship from UCL Union
The atheist society at UCL posted a Jesus and Mo cartoon as the image accompanying their Facebook event. One Muslim objected as the cartoon depicts Mohammed (what the Muslim was doing looking at the Facebook page for an atheist event isn't clear). The UCL student union got a complaint from someone and asked them to take it down. They refused. The story got picked up by atheist blogs and Dawkins Our Leader and hence the newspapers. The union backed down though there's still the vague threat in the air that the atheist soc might be guilty of bullying or harassment.

Hopefully the media attention has put the fear of God into the Union and they won't be so silly in future. Muslims do not have the right not to be offended.
richard-dawkins  dawkins  ucl  university  censorship  religion  islam 
january 2012 by pw201
Islam and "Islamophobia" - a little manifesto
"The extreme right benefits from the availability of politically respectable criticisms of Islamic thought and associated cultural practices. As this goes on, there is a risk that the word "Islamophobia" will be used to demonize and intimidate individuals whose hostility to Islam is genuinely based on what they perceive as its faults. In particular, we should remember that Islam contains ideas, and in a liberal democracy ideas are fair targets for criticism or repudiation. ... After all, there are reasons why extreme-right organizations have borrowed arguments based on feminism and secularism. These arguments are useful precisely because they have an intellectual and emotional appeal independent of their convenience to extreme-right opportunists."
islamophobia  politics  religion  islam 
december 2011 by pw201
Richard Dawkins attacks Muslim schools for stuffing children's minds with 'alien rubbish' - Telegraph
"He said that while he opposed faith schools as a whole, it was the Muslim ones that worried him the most." That seems reasonable: the C of E schools are mostly harmless, as far as I can tell: they accept evolution and don't examine the consequences for Christian doctrine too carefully.
evolution  religon  islam  richard-dawkins  dawkins  education  schools 
october 2011 by pw201
Distinguish - Butterflies and Wheels
Ophelia Benson on the Geert Wilders thing: "Nobody should be required to love Islam."
islam  geert-wilders  religion 
june 2011 by pw201
William Hague accused of 'anti-Christian' foreign policy - Telegraph
"Cardinal Keith O’Brien accused the Foreign Secretary of doubling overseas aid to Pakistan to more than £445 million without demanding religious freedom for Christians and other religious minorities, such as Shia Muslims. " I think O'Brien has a point: nobody should be coerced into conversion, and it's clear that Christians need some protection from the Religion Of Peace.
religion  politics  aid  pakistan  islam  christianity 
march 2011 by pw201
YouTube - Enemies not Allies Seminar on the far-Right and Pro-Islamist Left: Maryam Namazie
Maryam Namazie reckons you can and should be critical of Islam without joining the EDL. Via an ex-Muslim of my acquaintance, who I'm obviously not going to name.
islam  islamism  politics  religion  maryam-namazie 
february 2011 by pw201
David Cameron tells Muslim Britain: stop tolerating extremists | Politics | The Guardian
"David Cameron will today signal a sea-change in the government fight against home-grown terrorism, saying the state must confront, and not consort with, the non-violent Muslim groups that are ambiguous about British values such as equality between sexes, democracy and integration." I agree with Dave.
islam  multiculturalism  uk  europe  guardian  religion  politics 
february 2011 by pw201
What isn't wrong with Sharia law? | Law |
"To safeguard our rights there must be one law for all and no religious courts."
islam  feminism  islamism  secularism  uk  religion  politics  sharia 
july 2010 by pw201
Penn Jillette Is Willing to Be a Guest on Adolf Hitler's Talk Show | Little Gold Men | Vanity Fair
Penn on why he went on Glenn Beck's show, among other things. Hugely quotable: "Well remember, the Catholic League is just one divorced guy in his garage. Or as Teller and I like to say, the Catholic League and his wife. I love that it's called hate speech when you have the audacity to suggest that pederasty and child rape might not be a good idea."
religion  penn-jillette  magic  media  catholicism  islamism  islam  censorship 
june 2010 by pw201
Decoding God's Changing Moods - TIME
You'd think the Abrahamic God would make up his mind — Can he live with other gods or not? What's with the random mood fluctuations?

But the fluctuations aren't really random. If you juxtapose the Abrahamic Scriptures with what scholars have learned about the circumstances surrounding their creation, a pattern appears.
religion  islam  history  christianity  god  culture 
june 2010 by pw201 / Reportage - Immigrant Muslims in Belleville
"Yet there are two main reasons the Belle­ville scenario looks more likely than the Eurabia one. The first is demographic: no serious demographer expects Muslims to become a majority in any western European country. The second is attitudes: only a tiny minority of French Muslims appears to want to establish a medieval caliphate in Europe. In surveys, most French Muslims say that they feel French... Many of them no longer observe Islam. And although here and there Muslims have made France a little more north African or Islamic, the influence seems to be more the other way: Muslim immigrants are being infected by Frenchness."
islam  europe  religion  anthropology  culture  immigration  demographics  eurabia 
march 2010 by pw201
Johann Hari: The Pope, the Prophet, and the religious support for evil - Johann Hari, Commentators - The Independent
"What can make tens of millions of people – who are in their daily lives peaceful and compassionate and caring – suddenly want to physically dismember a man for drawing a cartoon, or make excuses for an international criminal conspiracy to protect child-rapists?" Anyone, Bueller, anyone?
atheism  catholic  christianity  culture  evil  fundamentalism  islam  johann-hari  pope  religion  mohammed  cartoons 
march 2010 by pw201
Oh no! "Licentiousness breeds extremism"
"Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has a worrying column in The Independent. It is not worrying because of the concerns she raises about "licentiousness", "social nihilism", "debauchery", etc., but because it is another example of blaming the victims. Somehow the blame for Islamist terrorism is to be sheeted home to the relative sexual permissiveness of Western (in this case, British) society. It is also worrying because Alibhai-Brown is supposed to be an example of a moderate Muslim"
islam  muslim  uk  politics  sex  religion  terrorism 
january 2010 by pw201
Is Obama About To Become Just Another War Criminal?
"Aghanistan is not a country, it's a criminal enterprise" - Evert Cilliers wonders what America is doing there, a question you might also ask about the UK.
drugs  politics  war  afghanistan  taliban  pakistan  islam 
november 2009 by pw201
Renouncing Islamism: To the brink and back again - Johann Hari, Commentators - The Independent
The stories of former Islamists who came back from the brink, and just what went wrong to put them there in the first place. "From the right, there was the brutal nativist cry of "Go back where you came from!" But from the left, there was its mirror-image: a gooey multicultural sense that immigrants didn't want liberal democratic values and should be exempted from them. Again and again, they described how at school they were treated as "the funny foreign child", and told to "explain their customs" to the class. It patronised them into alienation. "
islam  religion  politics  terrorism  culture  war  hari  johann-hari  jihad  islamism 
november 2009 by pw201
Liberalism and tolerance and Terry Eagleton
What are the limits of liberal tolerance? "Liberalism isn't an agreement that we all shut up and say nothing nasty about each other; it is not an agreement that we cease to regard our own respective worldviews as superior to others on offer; it is merely an agreement that we stop trying to get our hands on the levers of state power for the purpose of imposing our worldviews by coercion."
dawkins  eagleton  liberalism  russell-blackford  terry-eagleton  richard-dawkins  politics  islam  religion  tolerance 
may 2009 by pw201
We need to stop being such cowards about Islam - Johann Hari, Commentators - The Independent
"It is condescending to treat Muslims like excitable children who cannot cope with the probing, mocking treatment we hand out to Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism."
philosophy  islam  fundamentalism  religion  aisha  mohammed  books  atheism  johann-hari 
august 2008 by pw201
What Else They're Calling "Mohammed"
Not just horribly offensive to religious people, but with an excellent commentary below the cartoon on the merits of doubt and of certainty.
politics  comics  religion  islam  teddy-bear 
december 2007 by pw201
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: An interview
Johann Hari interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali. As Steven over at itsmypulp points out, it's interesting that she sees Western views that "Islam is peace" as naive, but also hopes for reform.
islam  religion  terrorism  ayaan  ayaan-hirsi-ali  johann-hari  holland  dutch  theo-van-gogh 
november 2007 by pw201
'Islam and the modern world don't mix' by Joan Smith, The Independent -
The Gillian Gibbons case illustrates that you shouldn't ever attempt to help savages who will turn around and bite you for your troubles. Send in the army, I say. Civis britanicus sum.
islam  Gillian-Gibbons  sudan  religion  secularism 
november 2007 by pw201
Terrorism and Radicalization: What Not to Do, What to Do
Scott Atran's presentation on strategies for preventing Islamic terrorism.
atran  islam  religion  terrorism  war  anthropology  politics 
november 2007 by pw201
Johann Hari: Why do we ignore the plight of ex-Muslims? - Independent Online Edition > Johann Hari
"All over Europe, there are Muslims who are exercising their right in a free society to change their religion, or to become atheists. And they are regularly being threatened, beaten and burned-out, while the police largely stand by, inert."
islam  muslim  de-conversion  religion  hari  johann-hari 
october 2007 by pw201
'Why are we Muslims so self-destructive?' by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Independent -
Today, dissenting Muslims have to wear virtual body armour in case someone decides to take offence
islam  religion  culture  afghanistan  pakistan 
september 2007 by pw201
Science and the Islamic world—The quest for rapprochement - Physics Today August 2007
"Internal causes led to the decline of Islam's scientific greatness long before the era of mercantile imperialism. To contribute once again, Muslims must be introspective and ask what went wrong."
science  islam  religion  culture  enlightenment 
august 2007 by pw201
Religion - Marcus Brigstocke
"If you want to wear a ring that tells everyone you're not having any sex, you can get married like the rest of us"
funny  religion  islam  judaism  christianity  silver-ring-thing  srt  Brigstocke 
august 2007 by pw201
Querying the Koran
Old article about textual variants of the Koran.
koran  islam  textual-criticism  history 
july 2007 by pw201
The London car-bomb plot was designed to kill women. - By Christopher Hitchens - Slate Magazine
Hitchens on a plausible motivation for putting the London car bombs near a night club.
islam  terrorism  women  hitchens  politics 
july 2007 by pw201
Rushdie, the man they love to hate -Times Online
Sensible thoughts on the fuss over Salman Rushdie's knighthood.
rushie  islam  satanic-verses  religion  politics 
june 2007 by pw201
On Reason
Religious intellectuals in Iran are striving to redefine the relationship between reason and revelation, and, despite Pope Benedict's belief to the contrary, consider Islam to consist precisely of multiple interpretations, writes Abdolkarim Soroush. Reaso
philosophy  religion  rationality  reason  islam 
june 2007 by pw201
Cover story: 'My brother the bomber' by Shiv Malik | Prospect Magazine June 2007 issue 135
"What turned Mohammad Sidique Khan, a softly spoken youth worker, into the mastermind of 7/7? I spent months in a Leeds suburb getting to know Khan's brother. A complex and disturbing story of the bomber's radicalisation emerged "
culture  fundamentalism  islam  religion  terrorism  immigration 
may 2007 by pw201
The Subjection of Islamic Women
An argument that some modern feminists have neglected Muslim women.
feminism  islam  politics  usa 
may 2007 by pw201
Christopher Hitchens - Londonistan Calling
Hitchens on Britiain's home grown bombers.
hitchens  london  islam  terrorism 
may 2007 by pw201
Islam in the West :: Dissent Winter 2007 Issue
Contrasting the left and right wing approaches to Islam in Europe.
politics  religion  islam 
march 2007 by pw201
Facing the Islamist Menace by Christopher Hitchens, City Journal Winter 2007
Hitchens reviews Mark Steyn's book "America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It".
demographics  Europe  islam  religion  terrorism  hitchens  steyn  Politics 
march 2007 by pw201
The Jihadism of Fools:: Dissent Winter 2007 Issue
A history of the relationship between Islam and the political left.
socialism  politics  islam  marxism  baath 
january 2007 by pw201
Pascal Bruckner: Enlightenment fundamentalism or racism of the anti-racists? - signandsight
Is the Enlightenment a religion? How multi-culturalism can lock people into a particular group. Shades of Neal Stephenson's stuff about whether some cultures can be said to be better than others.
europe  islam  culture  politics  terrorism  enlightenment 
january 2007 by pw201
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