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“The Collapse Of Intelligent Design”
Ken Miller demonstrating why ID is not backed by evidence. Miller's a Catholic, not a neo-sceptical atheist neo-rationalist.
ken-miller  intelligent-design  id  evolution  creationism  science  biology  dna 
november 2009 by pw201
The evolution of creationism | Salon News
Where now for Intelligent Design? As Salon says, "American creationism doesn't die. It just adapts."
evolution  creationism  intelligent-design  id  dover 
november 2007 by pw201
Lying in the name of God
"It’s not possible to produce such programs honestly. Chopping logic and falsifying arguments like that can only be done by someone who knows that he or she is doing it. To put it another way: if you know enough about the Book of Job or the Tel Dan stel
religion  science  myers  pharyngula  intelligent-design  id  creationism 
september 2007 by pw201
Inherit the Wind, Redux -
Review of a book about the Dover evolution trial.
evolution  ID  fundamentalism 
february 2007 by pw201

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