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Conversion via Twitter - The New Yorker
Megan Phelps - Roper on leaving Westboro Baptist Church, the church notorious for picketing funerals.
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march 2017 by pw201
OkCupid | Aithrobates / 29 / M / Detroit, Michigan
Scott Alexander uses his OKCupid profile to protest OKCupid's protest of the appointment of Brendan Eich as Mozilla's CEO: "You should message me if You have some kind of weird fetish for people who protest decisions made by online dating sites. Must enjoy long walks on the beach during which we talk about nothing except how terrible OKCupid's decision was."
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april 2014 by pw201
Why I’m cool with what happened to Brendan Eich
Chris Hallquist was in favour of Eich getting the boot: "The boycott / internal protest against Eich worked because lots of people agreed with it. The employees of OKCupid and Mozilla behind the effort have no power, not even de facto power, that they could turn against a less deserving target. Nor is Eich being cast out of polite society. Really people, get a grip."
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april 2014 by pw201
Bringing your religious beliefs to work – what are the limits? | Opinion | The Lawyer
Cherie Booth looks at the recent European court decisions on religious expression at work (decisions which seemed pretty sensible to me).
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january 2013 by pw201
Banned from the buses
mattghg is the source of my bus farrago links, so here's a link to his post, where he argues that ex-gay therapy might work and that there are free speech concerns with Boris banning the ads.
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april 2012 by pw201
Spitzer Retracts his 2001 Paper – Kind Of… | An Exercise in the Fundamentals of Orthodoxy
Peter Ould again, this time on the retraction of the main paper people quote as evidence that homosexuals can change orientation.
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april 2012 by pw201
Ex-Gay Adverts on London Buses | An Exercise in the Fundamentals of Orthodoxy
Peter Ould, who identifies as "post-gay", has some interesting comments on the bus advertisement farrago.
ex-gay  adverts  bus  christianity  peter-ould  religion  homosexuality 
april 2012 by pw201
On Spitzer’s “Change” « Limning the Psyche
"People are asking me about Robert Spitzer’s reported desire to retract his study of 200 people who claimed to have experience change of their sexual orientation. "
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april 2012 by pw201
Driscoll & Brierley on Women in Leadership « Cognitive Discopants
Well known complementarian and fan of big strong manly men, Mark Driscoll, recently did an interview with Justin Brierley of Premier Christian Radio. Driscoll came out with a few choice quotes about Christians in the UK (“guys in dresses preaching to grandmas”).

He then had a go at Brierley for going to a church run by a woman (Brierley's wife!) and not believing in penal substitutionary atonement and eternal conscious torment in Hell (Brierley is an annihilationist: we unsaved will be told off and then vapourised rather then being tortured forever). Fun times.
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january 2012 by pw201
Misplaced outrage over High Court “ban” on Christian foster parents | Gavin Drake
Gavin Drake, a Christian journalist, points out that the judgement on foster parents doesn't do what the right wing press think it does (in fact, it does very little at all), and that the Christian Legal Centre are lying bastards (I paraphrase).
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march 2011 by pw201
Stephen Law: The case of the Christian would-be foster parents
"It's not the Christianity that's the obstacle. It's the bigotry (which happens to be religiously motivated)."
bigots  homosexuality  christianity  law  stephen-law 
march 2011 by pw201
Johns & Anor, R (on the application of) v Derby City Council & Anor [2011] EWHC 375 (Admin) (28 February 2011)
The full text of the judgement in the recent case of a dispute between some Pentecostal Christians and Derby Council over whether the Christians' views on homosexuality made them unsuitable to act as foster carers. Paul Diamond, the barrister who takes a lot of these "help! I'm being oppressed!" cases on behalf of bigoted Christians, gets a bit of a kicking from the judges, which is fun. The judges' reasons for their decision, and the limits of it, are worth reading for how they differ from the hysterical reporting in the right wing press.
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march 2011 by pw201
Why the Cornish hotel ruling should worry conservative Christians | Andrew Brown | Comment is free |
Andrew Brown on the ruling against a some Christian hoteliers who refused a double room to a gay couple. The Christians would also not allow unmarried straight couples to share a double bed, but the judge made the decision on the basis that the gay couple were civil partners.
religion  sex  homosexuality  law  society  andrew-brown 
january 2011 by pw201
YouTube - What Atheists Can Learn from the LGBT Movement :: 2010 Secular Student Alliance Annual Conference
Greta Christina gives an hour long talk, which is pretty interesting. One thing I learned was that I probably wouldn't want to live in America, if atheists there have it as bad as LGBT people, though I suppose a lot of it depends on where you are and who you mix with. Interesting bit at the end on how if atheists "win", atheism won't mean you're special, super-rational or whatever: I think we can see that in this country, certainly.
homosexuality  lgbt  atheism  greta-christina  video  youtube 
august 2010 by pw201
Preventing Lesbianism and "Uppity Women" in the Womb? No. | Focal Point | Big Think
That story that's been doing the rounds about about a pill to prevent your kid being a lesbian turns out to be bullshit.
homosexuality  medicine  science 
july 2010 by pw201
Curing the gays « Derren Brown Blog
Derren Brown (who's gay, and who used to be a Christian): "I have, however, attended these sorts of church sessions and even courses which set about healing the ‘brokenness’ of homosexuality... I read of such things now and shiver."
derren-brown  gay  homosexuality  christianity  religion  philippa-stroud  sex 
may 2010 by pw201
Top Tory Adviser Ran Prayer Group to "Heal" LGBTS
Focusses on why the media have ignored the story. Contains a comment from one of the people quoted in the original Observer article, something which the regular media won't print, apparently.
philippa-stroud  conservatives  conservative  politics  sex  religion  homosexuality  demons 
may 2010 by pw201
AlterNet: What Happened When I Went Undercover at a Christian Gay-to-Straight Conversion Camp
Via Metafilter. Comical yet sad stuff: you do end up really feeling for these guys even as you laugh at the silliness of the camps.
homosexuality  religion  christianity  sex  conversion 
april 2010 by pw201
Christian faith and modern British politics, a layman’s view
Mattghg has a post on the role of faith in politics. He mentions an illiberal attitude taken by Labour (they wanted to reverse an amendment which said that discussion or criticism of sexual conduct or practices or the urging of persons to refrain from or modify such conduct or practices shall not be taken of itself to be threatening or intended to stir up hatred). Robhu and I are having an interesting chat in the comments, concerning whether Britain is a Christian country, among other things.
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april 2010 by pw201
The Tornado, the Lutherans, and Homosexuality :: Desiring God
Well known complementarian John Piper explains how God sent a tornado to break the spire of a Lutheran church as a "a gentle but firm" reminder that gay sex is bad. Via a more sensible Christian on Unreasonable Faith.
church  homosexuality  sin  bible  christianity  reformed  sex  gay  piper  lutheran  lolxians 
april 2010 by pw201
Ruth Gledhill - Times Online - WBLG: Gays could soon 'marry' in churches, synagogues
Civil partnerships are like civil weddings: you can't have anything religious in the ceremony. A group of theists is now asking for that restriction to be lifted so they can perform partnership ceremonies in their churches and synagogues. Seems reasonable to me: we wouldn't want to place restrictions on religious freedom, would we? Oddly, the same Anglican bishops who recently defeated an amendment to the Equality Bill providing greater gay rights (previously) also seem to want to prevent other churches from doing what they want.
homosexuality  religion  christianity  judaism  bigot  civil-partnership  anglican  anglicanism  politics 
february 2010 by pw201
The ex-gay files: The bizarre world of gay-to-straight conversion - This Britain, UK - The Independent
Indy journalist goes undercover to Christian counsellors who try to cure him of Teh Gay. Apparently, gayness can be caused by Freemasonry: who knew?
psychology  uk  homosexuality  quacks  lolxians  religion 
february 2010 by pw201
Rowan Williams' choice | Andrew Brown | Comment is free |
Andrew Brown kicks some righteous ass: "Under Williams, the church that marries two women who love each other is to be thrown out of the Anglican Communion. The church that would jail them both for life, and would revile and persecute their defenders, stays snugly in his bosom. Not even the Archbishop's remarkable gift for obfuscation can conceal these facts forever."
homosexuality  politics  uganda  uk  religion  christianity  anglicanism  rowan-williams 
december 2009 by pw201
A gay witch hunt in Uganda
Andrew Brown: "A bill currently before the Ugandan parliament (pdf) proposes seven year prison sentences for discussing homosexuality; life imprisonment for homosexual acts; and death for a second offence. Sober observers believe it will be passed. The Anglican church in Uganda appears to support it, and the Church of England in this country is absolutely silent."
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november 2009 by pw201

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