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A Parable On Obsolete Ideologies - Less Wrong
Yvain/Scott Alexander on why it might be a bad idea to continue to espouse a belief in God, the Devil and whatnot while having a sort of private understanding of what that means, even if that understanding is more palatable than the original theology.
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october 2014 by pw201
Spartacus Educational: Ralph Miliband and Lord Rothermere
The man Heil got the diary quote from explains why Miliband senior might not have felt so welcome in the UK: "The Miliband family were Jews living in Belgium who had arrived in May 1940 after fleeing persecution from the Nazis who had recently taken over western Europe. Ralph was shocked by the level of anti-Semitism that existed in England at the time. Ironically, much of this anti-Semitism and dislike of Europeans had come from the propaganda campaign that had taken place in the 1930s. The man behind this campaign was Lord Rothermere, the grandfather of the current Lord Rothermere, the owner of The Daily Mail."
hitler  antisemitism  miliband  ralph-miliband  daily-mail  facism  rothermere 
october 2013 by pw201
Mitchell and Webb - Stalin Vs Hitler (arguing the moral toss)
"Welcome to Arguing the Moral Toss". You know who else said that: Hitler!
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november 2009 by pw201
Hitler's BNP membership gets leaked
It's another subtitled parody of the bunker scene in The Downfall, this one about the leaking of the BNP's membership list. "I should have joined UKIP instead". Very funny.
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november 2008 by pw201

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